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LED by garageCube is on Kickstarter

LED by garageCube is a plug-and-play, user-friendly and adaptable LED Kit for stage design, visual art, and live performance. It is on Kickstarter. At the time I am writing this, they have 29 days to go.

The LED by garageCube is user-friendly and adaptable for structure assembling using aluminum profile. In short, the kit is made up of a bunch of aluminum pieces that have LED lights in them. You can assemble the pieces together in a variety of ways, depending on what you want to do. It is very customizable.

I recommend you visit the LED by garageCube Kickstarter page and watch their highly entertaining video that gives you more details about how this product can be put together and some ways that it has been used.

LED by garageCube can be plugged together in any order and are addressable. A single cable carries both power and data, reducing connections to a minimum. Our LEDs are a perfect complement to madMapper, but are also compatible with third party applications and lighting desk consoles.

With madMapper, the most advanced LED mapping tool, you can easily set up from simple to large scale installations. You can use content such as video files, live feed, and generative images, to control your LED by garageCube. Your favorite MIDI controller can be used for perfect live control.

The LED by garageCube will be available in RGB or in pure white. Choose from two different sizes: 50 cm and 1 meter. Light diffusers and transparent covers are included in the kit. If you require more customization, you can combine 3D printing or other tailored fabrication techniques, making any of your DIY creations possible.