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Heil Sound Introduces PR 37 Vocal Mic

Heil Sound introduced its new PR 37 professional microphone. Designed with the vocalist in mind, the PR 37 produces natural, articulate sound over a wide frequency range. Its excellent upper mid-range response has been designed to cut through a mix whether live or in the studio. It features a 1.5” diameter dynamic element that is mounted in a rugged housing to reduce handling noise. The PR 37 has a frequency response from 50 to 18,000 Hz and output level of -51 dB @ 1000 Hz.

The PR 37 joins an already impressive lineup of vocal microphones, including the PR 22 and PR 35. Heil Sound worked with several FOH mix engineers both with the initial design and the field testing of the new microphone.

John Hopkins, FOH for the bands Sleep, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, stated: “The PR 37 immediately moved to the top of the list for my go-to vocal mic. It’s a super transparent mic and the rejection of stage noise is incredible.” Adam Pike, working with the PR 37 and Red Fang had a similar response, “The Heil PR 37 is a beast! Very rich and smooth low-mids along with pristine high-mids that Heil is known for. This, combined with the excellent rejection is making it my go to vocal mic. The extremely sturdy casing is also a great added bonus.”

The PR 37 represents the next evolution of the Heil Sound brand and will begin shipping in July. Retail price is $269.00 US.