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Haunted Labs Introduced Old Ruin Pedal

Haunted Labs has introduced the Old Ruin pedal. It delivers a broad array of distorted deliciousness, ranging from a somewhat mild overdrive all the way to higher-gain howling.

Offering a user-friendly recipe for mayhem, the Old Ruin supplies three knobs to unlock its vicious tendencies. In addition to Gain and Volume controls, it includes a specially tuned tone knob called “Texture” for dialing in the pedal’s pugnacious character. “Texture” is much more than just an earthly tone control. It summons sonic nuances from the great beyond.

Looking for something silky and stealthy? You’ll find it here. Prefer a stinging, searing experience like a fateful of lava? Twist the “Texture” knob, wake up and smell the brimstone!

Old Ruin can be purchased now for $159 US and free shipping!

Old Ruin offers true bypass switching and is designed and built in the USA using the highest quality parts available.


  • Three knobs: Gain, Volume, and Texture
  • Engineered and manufactured in the USA
  • Manufactured with the highest quality components
  • 9V standard DC operation (power supply not included) – no battery
  • True bypass

Coffin Presented the Frost Bite Fuzz Effects Pedal

Coffin presented The Frost Bite Fuzz effects pedal. It was created in collaboration with boutique pedal maker Christopher Cozort of Haunted Labs. The Frost Bite Fuzz is Coffin’s first new effects pedal in over 10 years. At the time I am writing this blog post, it is on sale for $179.99 (regular $199.99).

Evoking an ice wrath in a flurry of blinding snow, the Frost Bite features a unique custom silicon fuzz circuit and three rugged knobs (Tone, Fuzz, and Level) designed to forge a versatile and otherworldly range of sounds. Capable of conjuring up all the classic fuzz tone you crave, the Frost Bite can also summon unusual character… turn the fuzz knob down for a cutting, clean boost, or crank it up to 11 for a furious blizzard of howling fuzz…

Frost Bite Pedals are engineered and manufactured in the USA, using the finest components available, with exclusive artwork created by artist Martha Wirkijowski and inspired by a frozen nightmare.

Entombed in a durable aluminum housing with a traditional low-profile form factor, the Frost Bite delivers a vortex of apocalyptic fuzz tone without crowding your pedal board. The Frost Bite also features true bypass switching and can be powered by a standard 9V DC adapter.

Features include:

  • Unique custom silicon fuzz circuit
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Three rugged knobs (Tone, Fuzz, Level)
  • True Bypass Switching
  • Powered by standard 9V DC adapter (no battery compartment)
  • ~2.5mA draw

Haunted Labs Introduced the Carolina Reaper

Haunted Labs has introduced the new Carolina Reaper overdrive / fuzz. The new dual-function pedal is the latest device from Haunted Labs and the spawn of a diabolical collection with Cusack Music. Thanks to the Carolina Reaper, your drive section just got a whole lot scarier!

The Carolina Reaper brandishes two separate-but-complementary weapons. The right side of the pedal features a high-gain overdrive circuit that will leave your guitar screaming. The left side hosts a scalding high-gain fuzz. Each circuit can be used independently. However, if you dare to use both the overdrive and the fuzz together, you’ll fling open a door to intergalactic doom. Self-incineration has never been so easy… or so much fun.

The Carolina Reaper is true bypass, offers soft-touch switching, and independent controls for each circuit – all in a durable enclosure.

Every Carolina Reaper unit is completely designed in the USA, using the highest quality parts available.


  • Six knobs: Volume, Bias, and Fuzz (Left side) Volume, Gain, and Tone (Right side)
  • Internal Bias Trimmer
  • Engineered and manufactured in the USA
  • Dimensions are 4.58” L x 3.58” W x 1.95” H
  • Current draw is ~ 30mA
  • 9V standard DC operation (power supply not included) – no battery compartment

Haunted Labs Introduced Paranormal Fuzz V2

Haunted Labs has introduced their Paranormal Fuzz V2 pedal. It is a high-gain filtered silicon fuzz with an unworldly ability to release smooth low-end tones.

The Paranormal Fuzz V2 brings everything you knew and loved about the original but holds a cleaner (and much quieter) circuit design – packed with more gain than you will ever need. The updated Paranormal Fuzz has the same three knobs on the front as the original – Volume, Filter, and Fuzz. The updated construction in the Paranormal Fuzz V2 means: better tone, durability, and most importantly – more hauntings.

The Paranormal Fuzz V2 is a great choice if you prefer to play stoner rock or shoegaze music, and need a versatile fuzz pedal to create loud wall-of-sound tones. However, the pedal can also work very interestingly with electronic music!


  • Three knobs: Volume, Filter and Fuzz
  • Engineered and manufactured in the USA
  • Manufactured with the highest quality components
  • Dimensions are 4.43” L x 2.65” W x 1.95” H
  • Current draw is -5mA
  • 9V standard DC operation (power supply not included) – no battery compartment
  • True bypass switching