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HANSY1010 Synthesizer is on Kickstarter

The HANSY1010 synthesizer was created by Lacaud Gilles, who is an electronic and software engineer that has worked in the audio field for more than 20 years. The HANSY1010 is a hybrid mono/duophonic synthesizer. It is on Kickstarter and had reached its funding goal. At the time I am writing this, it has 22 days left to go on Kickstarter.

The HANSY1010 can produce some warm analog sounds but also digital sounds. It has a 24 steps sequencer and an arpegiator. You can imagine a lot of sounds with it. The HANSY1010 uses a variable sample frequency technology to have great sound even on higher notes.

Specifications include:

  • Duophonic Hybrid synthesizer: Mono or Duo Mode
  • Large Interface with 4*40 LCD and OLED (128*64)/ 8 Potentiometers / 16 Push Button and one Joystick
  • 256 memory locations
  • Digital Oscillators /Analog Filter 4 poles
  • Resonance Keyboard tracking positive or negative Oscillator
  • waveform Legacy waveform: Sine/Tri/Saw/Square/PWM/Random
  • Special waveform: TriSquare/SawSquare/Pro2/MKS
  • Wavetable: over 4300 wavetables
  • Noise generator
  • Transpose and detune
  • Phase Distortion
  • One Sub Osc per Osc
  • Sub Waveform: Sine/Tri/Saw/Square/Pulse1/Pulse2/Pulse3
  • Sub Type: -2/ -1/ 0 Octave or 5th Up or 5th Down
  • Combi between OSC and SubOSC ADD/ MULTIPLY/ XOR/ ENTERLACE
  • Matrix EG
  • 24 Step 6 Parameters per step Transpose/ Velocity/ Cutoff/ Gate/ Glide / Noise