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Flight Announced Soundwave Ukulele with Built-In Effects

Flight announced the Soundwave Pickup System, a pickup system that uses phenomenal new technology to place control of the preamp and various effects at the fingertips of the player, whether the ukulele is plugged into an amplifier or not.

The Flight Soundwave Pickup System amplifies a ukulele from inside the instrument; reverb, delay, chorus, and volume can be controlled with dials on the side of the ukulele.When the ukulele is plugged into an amp or PA system, the EQ and effects bypass the interior system and send the effects through the output jack.

Performers are often at the mercy of a sound engineer when gigging. The Flight Soundwave Pickup System not only adds a new dimension to acoustic playing, but also gives the gigging musician complete control without the need of additional equipment other than a lead cable and the ukulele in their hand.

Flight offers the Soundwave Pickup System on the Sophia and Diana, which are higher-end solid top spruce and cedar ukuleles with laminated walnut back and sides.

Diana Soundwave MAP is $420 and Sophia Soundwave MAP is $430.