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Adorama Released the H&A AC50 Studio Broadcast Microphone

Adorama released the H&A AC50 Cardioid Dynamic Studio Broadcast Microphone. The microphone is designed for podcasting, and is currently being offered at a special price of $69.95.

The H&A AC50 Studio Broadcast Microphone is just what you need for accurate and clean audio podcast capture. Accurate sound capture is achieved due to HA50s ability to reject ambient noise. The moving-coil, dynamic transducer delivers an impressive 20 to 20,000 Hz wide frequency response. No artificial coloring of the sound. Pure, clean, flat, pristine capture that preserves the richness of the human voice.

Dynamic cardioid mics are the top choice for broadcasting and podcasting due to their ability to reject ambient noise. Properly positioned, the AC50 can isolate a single sound source without the distraction of off-axis, extraneous noise. Just the focus on the voice, for intimate vocals, engaging narratives and rich, fully expressive solos.

The Low Cut switch setting instantly reduces low frequencies by -10dB in order to maintain an overall flat frequency response when needed. That keeps the rumble of low frequency sources out of the recording. An internal pop shield filters low frequencies, giving you command of plosives, the naturally occurring popping noises from speech when you’re talking close to the microphone.

The user-friendly microphone comes with a microphone clip and standard adapter, so you can quickly attach it to a stand and start recording. With a XLR output, phantom power isn’t required making set up even easier. Once finished, pack up your H&A AC50 in its Molded ABS protective case. Lined with impact resistant foam, you can protect your microphone wherever you go and record for years to come.