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Acorn Amplifiers’ Elevenuator Attenuator

Acorn Amplifiers are located and growing from Atlanta, Georgia. They create entirely hand-built all-tube guitar and bass amps with the goal of achieving supreme guitar tone with maximum versatility using simple, yet carefully crafted circuits. They are the makers of the Elevenuator Attenuator.

Each amp is made with hand-picked, individually measured components of the highest quality and assembled by pro amp techs who are not only musicians, but also fervent tube amp aficionados. No corners cut, no PCB construction, and no compromise on any part of the amp build; meaning that this gear is built to last a lifetime and tuned to deliver unparalleled guitar tone, YOUR tone, year after year.

The Acorn Amps Elevenuator gives you the ability to achieve those lively, tube-saturated guitar tones at much more reasonable bedroom volumes. With a 50W power handling and an ‘any impedance’ speaker input jack, the Elevenuator offers six different levels of attenuation, with the final, lowest level wired to a separate control to bring your volume down to 1-2 watt levels while retaining all of the sonic tube saturation.


  • All hand-built and hand-wired
  • Compatible with any impedance speaker(s) – 2 ohm, 4 ohm, 8 ohm, or 16 ohm
  • Reactive load attenuator – meaning it behaves more like an actual speaker than most fixed resistance attenuators on the market
  • 50 watts of power handling
  • Six different levels of attenuation
  • Big, solid-feeling controls mounted to a compact metal enclosure