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Line 6 Offers Savings on Spider V MKII Amps

Line 6 has a sale on select Spider V MkII Amps. You can save up to $50 when you purchase a qualifying Spider V from April 1, 2020 through May 31, 2020. Your purchase must be made by a participating dealer.

Whatever drives your creativity, Spider V MkII amplifiers get you there with all the ease or depth that defines your personal musical vision. Plug right in and immediately rock a traditional amp tone, or enjoy tweaking until you’ve devised an inspiring tone of your own. There’s a Spider model to inspire every type of player.

The select models are:

$20 off Spider V 60 MkII – Easily switch between rehearsals, home-studio session, and small stages with the Spider V 60 MkII. You not only get all the sounds you need, but also practice tools, built-in wireless connectivity, with the optional Line 6 Relay G10T transmitter.

$30 off Spider V 120 MkII – The Spider V 120 MkII lets you rage onstage with 120 wats of power, built-in wireless connectivity, and a Line 6 FBV 3 Foot Controller comparability.

$50 off Spider V 240 MkII – Take no prisoners with the Spider V 240 MkII and its full-spectrum stereo tone, 240 watts of power, dual 12” speakers, wireless connectivity, and Line 6 FBV 3 Foot Controller compatibility.

$50 off Spider V 240HC MkII – The Spider 240HC MkII is the ultimate triple threat for gigging, recording, and rehearsing. Plug the amp head into a Line 6 412 or other speaker cabinet for powerful tone onstage, or use the dedicated 50-watt amp and built-in 4” speakers for practicing and rehearsals (even quiet gigs), or connect directly to a DAW and/or mixer via USB or XLR stereo outputs.

Line 6 has put together a page on their website where you can click on the various Spider models and be presented with a list of online retailers, and local retailers, where you can make your purchase.

The discount is being offered as an instant rebate that will be reflected in the final purchase at the time of sale. This offer is only available to Line 6 customers with mailing addresses in the United States. Offer is available only while supplies last.

Nikon Released the D6 Digital SLR Camera

Nikon Corporation announced the release of the Nikon D6 FX-format digital SLR camera, a new flagship model that responds to the needs of professional sports photographers and photojournalists. Development of this product was announced in September 4, 2019.

With the new D6, Nikon has realized the most powerful AF performance in its history through significant improvements over its predecessor, the Nikon D5 (released in March 2016). All focus points in the new, densely packed 105-point AF system utilize cross-type sensors, and all are selectable.

The AF sensor built into the D6 is approximately 1.6x denser, and supports three times the number of selectable cross-type focus points than the D5, demonstrating superior focusing performance. The group-area AF option so popular with users of the D5 has evolved even further with support for 17 custom arrangements from which users can choose depending upon the scene or way the intended subject moves for precise capturing of decisive moments.

The new dedicated AF engine developed for the D6 enables high-speed continuous shooting at up to approximately 14fps with all focus points working to keep the subject in focus for improved subject-tracking performance. In addition, adoption of a new algorithm enhances the camera’s ability to maintain focus on the intended portion of a subject without responding to those that pass through the frame.

The D6 offers increased usability while inheriting the D5’s operability and reliable hold. Usability has been refined with improved connector arrangement and increased visibility for the top control panel and LCD monitor when button illumination is used in dark situations, providing professional photographers with even greater support.

In addition, the D6 not only offers the strength and durability, and dust and drip resistance that allow Nikon flagship models to continue working in even the tough environments, but has also been equipped with a security slot that supports connection of anti-theft cables that can keep the camera safe during remote operation.

Blue Microphones has a Free For All Sale

Blue Microphones has been creating some of the world’s most unique microphones and headphones for the past 20 years. Their products are used by musicians, music lovers, podcasters, and gamers. Right now, Blue is having a Free For All sale.

Blue’s Free For All Sale is a “buy one, get one free” sale on specific styles of microphones. This offer is available “while supplies last.” Visit the Blue website to see a list of participating dealers that sell the Blue microphones that are part of the sale.

Save up to $299.99 on select Blue Mics. For a limited time, you can buy a Hummingbird, enCORE 100i, enCORE 100, or enCORE 200 and get a second microphone of the same model for FREE! No mail-in rebate to worry about. Offer only available at authorized, participating dealers.

The enCORE 100 is a studio-grade dynamic microphone that is perfect for vocals. The hand-tuned capsule delivers renowned Blue studio sound. It has reinforced construction with heavy-duty metal-plated finish.

The enCORE 100i is a studio-grade dynamic instrument mic that brings Blue heritage to a versatile stage solution. It has a specially designed and tuned capsule with custom diaphragm, venting design, and coil windings, and a custom-tuned acoustic circuit with transformer. Its rugged construction with reinforced grille and integrated guard ring protect against drumstick hits.

The enCORE 200 is the world’s first studio-grade phantom powered active dynamic microphone. Its proprietary active dynamic capsule delivers amazing detail and clarity, even on loud stages.

The Hummingbird is a small-diaphragm condenser microphone. It has a 180° rotating head for precise mic placement. Its cardioid condenser is based on the B1 capsule. The Hummingbird offers ultra-fast transient response an high-SPL handling for studio and stage.

Viewbits GNAT 1080P 60FPS HD-SDI Camera

gnatThe team from Viewbits sent me their GNAT 1080P 60FPS HD-SDI Camera for review, and I have testing it in the Studio. This SDI HD mini camera is one of the better ones that have made it to market with a 1/3 inch CMOS sensor that is in this unit. I am willing to speculate who the manufacture is but only a full tear down would confirm my suspicions . This particular camera is tiny and can be stashed almost anyplace in the studio and is one of the reason I wanted to review it.

My main use purpose for this camera was for a product shot camera. Overall it would serve that purpose very well, the picture I captured with it was with the camera approximately three feet away from the object. Please note I did not white balance the camera for this picture but felt it came out pretty good. The lens provided is perfect for fixed length focal shots only. In later tests I did white balance the camera and was pleased with the image quality.

GNC Master 30

In my opinion this camera is not well suited for in close camera shots of an active scene. An example of that would be a interview shot  This camera would be perfect for a corner camera shot where you are trying to capture a broad area.

Let talk about the build.. The camera build is rugged with a solid SDI cable connection. Power to the unit is a little odd it comes with a multi-pin connector of which part of it can be wired up for external control. That cable attaches to a power brick that provides 12vdc to the unit. If I where to use it in a production facility I would come up with a different power supply for the unit.

The specs are pretty straight forward. It measures only 1.65 inches, or 42mm. It is a 2.1 megapixel camera with a 1/3 inch progressive scan CMOS sensor, automatic gain control, wide dynamic range, digital zoom and defog. It also supports digital noise reduction systems like DNR, 3D-NR and 2D+3D, has a C and a CS lens mount and is selectable between HD-SDI: 1920x1080p (30 fps), 1920x1080i (60 fps), 1280x720p (60 fps), 3G-SDI: 1920x1080p (60 fps) The full rundown of specs can be seen at the Viewbits website.

This camera space is heating up and the retail price of $445 is in line with other competitors. You will have to purchase a lens for the camera so be aware of that as well.  Check out all the details of this camera and others they have a