Neural Introduces The Morgan Amps Suite

Neural introduced the Morgan Amps Suite – a legacy of vintage modern amplifiers revered for their warmth and responsiveness.

In the world of guitar amplification, few names shine as brightly as Morgan Amplification. For over a decade, this illustrious company has sculpted soundscapes and shaped musical journeys, earning a place of honor in the pantheon of amplifier legends.

Founded by the visionary amplifier builder and guitarist Joe Morgan in 2009, Morgan Amplification emerged as a beacon of craftsmanship and innovation in the industry. Drawing inspiration from the era-defining vintage tones, Joe set out to create amplifiers that not only paid homage to the classics but also pushed the boundaries of sonic possibilities. The result? A legacy of amplifiers revered for their meticulous attention to detail, exceptional build quality, and incredible tonal artistry.

Pre Effects

CMP: A very responsive compressor pedal, based on the circuits found in high-end recording desks, with an additional blend control for increased transparency. The attack switch provides two different compressor tone. The fast setting is snappier and more suited for funk playing, whereas the Slow setting mimics the behavior of more traditional guitar compressors that is perfect for slow phases or slide playing.

OD1: An iconic overdrive, loved by many for its warm midrange capable of driving any amplifier.

OD2: A higher gain pedal, with a transparent and responsive overdrive that respects the characteristics of the guitar and amplifier.

TRM: Inspired by the analog tremolo circuits vintage US amplifiers with sync ability added.


Inspired by classic designs, modernized and made more reliable, these amps were born out of a desire to provide the most touch-sensitive and responsive sound possible while also providing an unparalleled pedal platform.

AC20: The Morgan AC20 is a single-channel, 20 watt amplifier based on a vintage Vox AC30. Provide very rich, thick tones at high gain settings.

PR12: The Morgan PR12 is a single-channel, 12 watt amplifier based on a vintage Fender Princeton Reverb. It offers bright, super clean tones to saggy overdrives. The PR12 features a distinctive Spring Reverb that has become a hallmark of its success.

SW50R: The Morgan SW50R is a single-channel, 50 watt amplifier based on a Dumble clean channel with the addition of a tube-driven reverb tank. Entirely hand wired and built to order, this amp encapsulates everything Morgan Amplifiers does best. At full volume, the amp breaks up drastically, producing killer tones for grunge and stoner rock.