Jackson Celebrates Collaboration With Anthrax Founder Scott Ian

Jackson today launches the X Series Signature IAN KVX King VTM, an update to the Anthrax co-founder’s signature King VTM model with added flourishes that pay homage to his close friend and inspiration – Pantera guitarist, Dimebag Darrell.

Having played Jackson guitars almost exclusively through his storied career, Ian’s unique blend of precision and high octane rhythm playing has become synonymous with the brand. Now, with the latest iteration in this ongoing partnership, guitarists everywhere can tap into the powerful sonic capabilities unique to Jackson’s line of signature instruments while celebrating the kinship between two of metal’s most legendary players.

Scott Ian and Dimebag Darrell first crossed paths when the two shared a bill together in 1986 at a club called Cardi’s in Houston, TX. The two became fast friends and it wasn’t long before they left an indelible imprint on one another as players. In 2019, Ian paid tribute to his late friend with a custom shop King VTM that he referred to as “Baldini” – the nickname Dimebag gave Ian in the 90s after years of touring and collaboration. This revamped striking King V model is more than just a nod to these two iconic players, but to the miraculous ways in which like minded musicians can powerfully impact each others craft.

The Jackson X Series Signature Scott Ian KVX King VTM is built for optimal performance above all else. Thanks to a through-body maple neck with graphite reinforcement, 12”-16” compound radius rosewood fingerboard and 22 jumbo frets, this instrument makes quick work out of even the most dizzying licks.

A pair of Jackson high output humbucking pickups will ensure that every riff will be heard from the front row all the way to the rafters. It wouldn’t be a nod to Dimebag without a tremolo system that can handle the deepest of dive bombs and the “Baldini” does not disappoint. The centerpiece of this signature instrument is the eye-popping finish: vibrant shades of yellow and green seamlessly blend into one another across a stunningly quilted maple top.

“Taking on the ‘Baldini’ was a tall order. We were essentially working double duty to honor two of the most important players of all time,” said Jon Romanowski, VP of Category Management at Jackson. “Everything players have asked for on this revamped model is all there. From the striking finish to the Floyd Rose tremolo that Scott’s fans have been pining for for years, this instrument stands up to the task.”

Introducing the all-new X Series Signature Scott Ian KVX King V finished in a eye-popping transparent green burst – affectionately nicknamed the “Baldini Burst” inspired by his late friend Dimebag Darrell’s iconic green guitar finishes.