Roland Showcases 50th Anniversary Concept Piano During CES 2023

Roland, a world-leading innovator of electronic musical instruments and multimedia products, showcased its 50th Anniversary Concept Model Piano during CES 2023.

For decades, Roland has pursued the most promising electronic technologies to reinvent the acoustic piano playing experience and to honor the instrument’s beautiful sounds and history. Since the release of Japan’s first electronic pianos, the EP-10 and EP-20, in 1973, Roland has continuously worked to transform the space with its long-time commitment to advancing the form and function of this timeless instrument.

Last evidenced by Roland’s futuristic concept, the GPX-F1 Facet Grand Piano, which was unveiled at CES in 2020, the brand is now pushing the boundaries even further in celebration of its 50th year. With unique innovations and structural changes, Roland’s 50th Anniversary Concept Piano paves the way for instruments of the future.

Offering improved sound quality, advanced connectivity, and stunning finishes, this 50th anniversary piano, equipped with Roland’s latest sound system and tones alongside Roland’s most legendary piano sounds and expression, also features a keyboard touch more natural and responsive than ever before. The concept piano’s one-piece molded wooden body, designed in collaboration with Japanese furniture maker Karimoku, was inspired by the fusion of the past and future, while its exterior, comprised of Japanese oak wood, provides deep piano tones from its speakers.

More than a beautiful design, the 50th anniversary piano aims to fill a gap in the industry. In the age of digital pianos, many find rich sound quality is sacrificed for innovation. With that, Roland’s concept piano offers a 360-degree speaker system, which is able to send sound in any direction through its 14 adjustable speakers placed strategically throughout.

The 50th anniversary piano offers advanced connectivity through the operation of these drones, as well as through its touch-panel table, which is embedded within the lid, supporting video conferencing, piano lessons and streaming tutorials, available throughRoland Cloud.

While the Roland 50th Anniversary Concept Piano is not for sale, CES attendees can receive an exclusive in-person look at Roland’s exhibit at CES in Las Vegas, Nevada, on January 5-8, 2023, at LVCC, Central Hall 15301.