Shure MV7 Microphone Available In A Limited-Edition Color

The Shure MV7, loved by streamers and content creators of every level, is now available for preorder on Amazon in an elegant new color design, White Noir. The limited edition MV7 White Noir, which features a black and white color combination, provides streamers and creators with a contemporary colorway option that fits pristinely in any space.

Obtainable while supplies last, the MV7 White Noir can be purchased today, via preorder and will be fully available on Amazon and delivered to customers beginning Monday, August 15.

The MV7 White Noir is compatible with the ShurePlus MOTIV Desktop app, which brings the microphone to life when connected via USB, ensuring top quality and consistent audio in all recordings.The app makes it easy for users to dial-in they desired settings with Auto Level Mode and Manual Mode.

Both modes contain built-in headphone monitoring and monitor mix as well as control over the aesthetic of your touch panel with LED Live Metering. By selecting Night Mode on the MOTIV Desktop app, users can darken their touch panel to better match the atmosphere of their space.

Auto Level Mode is perfect for creators who want a “set it and forget it” microphone that will control gain and compression settings in real time. Conversely, Manual Mode is ideal for those who want to take complete control over their sound with gain adjustment, EQ presets, compression, and an onboard limiter. With Manual and Auto Level Mode, users can save their settings as a preset to nail their signature sound in every recording.

“We heard overwhelmingly positive feedback from all types of content creators regarding the technical capabilities of the MV7 and customizability provided by the MOTIV app,” said Paul Crognale, Associate Director of Global Marketing, at Shure. “We wanted to celebrate these creators’ passion for the microphone by offering a fresh colorway that pops on stream and in the studio, fitting seamlessly and stylishly into the aesthetic of any space.”

The MV7 White Noir comes with all the benefits of the original MV7. Equipped with Shure’s Voice Isolation Technology, the MV7 helps those who record and stream in imperfect rooms by making certain only the user’s voice is captured by the microphone. A hybrid USB and XLR output on the MV7 White Noir makes this microphone the prefect, flexible solution for users no matter where or how they are recording.

The MV7 White Noir is available standalone and bundled with matching Shure gear, perfect for content creation and streaming. Bundles include the white AONIC 40 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones, white AONIC 50 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones, or white AONIC 4 Sound Isolating Earphones – so users can create their ultimate aesthetic.

While supplies last, the limited-edition MV7 White Noir can be pre-ordered on Amazon, starting on August 1, and it will be available for regular purchase on August 15.