DJI Introduces RS 3 and RS 3 Pro Gimbals

DJI has upped its gimbal game with the introduction of the RS 3 and RS 3 Pro models, along with the long-distance O3 Pro Video Transmission system. Both gimbals feature automated axis locks that unlock in lightning-fast time, letting you jump right into the action so you don’t miss that crucial shot.

An updated stabilization algorithm, SuperSmooth mode, and new quick-release plate designs make your gimbal capture easier and more impressive than ever before. The RS 3 and RS 3 Pro also share exciting new features, such as wireless shutter control, and an all-new focus motor in addition to some model-specific upgrades.

Shared RS 3/RS Pro Features

Automated Axis Locks: Getting the shot you want is always important, but its critical when you’re covering a live event where second takes are impossible. The RS 3/RS 3 Pro’s automated axis locks expand for use in just two seconds at the press of a single button. This means that once you’ve done your initial camera setup, you’re just seconds away from capturing the action. When its time to move to your next location, it’s an equally speedy breakdown.

Wireless Shutter Control: The new RS 3 and RS 3 Pro use Dual Mode Bluetooth to support wireless shutter control to trigger on-stabilizer recording. Once you’ve paired your camera for the first time, it will automatically reconnect, eliminating the need for a trigger cable, saving time and effort.

3rd Gen RS Stabilization Algorithm: Stable, jitter-free movement is key to keeping your audience engaged in your story and the new algorithm increases stability by 20% compared to the RSC 2. Tracking shots, low-angle views, and switching between high and low positions will all benefit from the improved stabilization.

SuperSmooth Mode: When you’re covering fast-moving, dynamic action, or when using 100mm-equivalent lenses, turn to the new SuperSmooth mode for enhanced stability.

Focus Motor: The next-gen DJI RS Focus Motor has been beefed up with three times the torque of the earlier model for smoother focus moves while reducing motor noise by 50% for improved audio capture. A new quick-release design lets you assemble the focus motor without any tools.

Instant Mode Switching: A new Mode switch lets you quickly alternate between Pan, Pan Follow, Tilt Follow, and FPV modes with a choice of 3D Roll 360, Portrait, or Custom for the FPV mode.

RS 3 Gimbal

Lightweight and streamlined, the DJI RS 3 Gimbal Stabilizer provides pro stabilization and creative control for independent creators and smaller video productions alike. The RS 3 Combo includes the gimbal plus the RS Focus Motor system, the folding Briefcase Handle, a carrying case, and a second USB-Type C control cable.

The RS 3’s new tilt axis fine-tuning enables precise balancing for different lenses and a dual quick-release plate system lets you remount your camera after a battery or card swap quickly – without the need to rebalance. Weighing just under 3 lb (including battery grip and quick-release plates), the RS 3 is light enough for single-handed use but can also support many popular cameras like the Sony a7 S III or Canon R5 with a 24-70mm f/2.8 lens.

RS 3 Pro Gimbal

The DJI RS 3 Pro Gimbal Stabilizer incorporates Ronin-series features, providing advanced operating modes for pro videographers and camera crews. Choose the RS 3 Pro Combo to add the Ronin Image Transmitter, extended lower quick-release plate, phone holder, focus motor system, and assorted cables to the gimbal itself.

To accommodate cameras like the Sony FX6 or Canon C70 more efficiently, the RS 3 Pro has an extended carbon fiber axis arm that provides additional balancing, a tilt axis fine-tuning knob, and an extended lower quick-release plate for mounting a lens support and for increased stability. The RS 3 Pro weighs just 3.3 lbs (including battery grip and quick release plates), yet supports up to 10 lb.