Panasonic Expands its Digital Wireless Microphone Ecosystem

Panasonic logoPanasonic Systems Solutions Company of North America, a Division of Panasonic Corporation of North America, announced three new additions to its DECT Digital Wireless Microphone system. The three new products include a 4-channel wireless receiver, an expansion receiver and a personal lavalier microphone, which broaden the ecosystem to provide audio clarity for voice lift applications and easy system scalability at a reasonable price.

Panasonic’s new WX-SR204 4-channel wireless microphone receiver efficiently connects 4 wireless microphones with the same footprint as the current WX-SR202 1-channel receiver. Both receivers feature independent channel outputs and a mix output (which can be used simultaneously for hybrid virtual applications) as well as an audio input from an external source such as an emergency broadcast alert.

The new WX-SE200 Expansion Receiver allows a commercial integrator the ability to add up to 4 additional Panasonic wireless microphones to a 4-channel system by efficiently leveraging the antennas connected to the new WX-SR204.

Additionally, thanks to Panasonic’s distributed architecture, the receivers can be mounted in an equipment rack outside of the room(s) and antennas placed in each room, allowing for centralized deployment of wireless microphones to several rooms situated within proximity to each other.

To accommodate education institutions that wish to distribute personal lavalier microphones to each instructor, Panasonic is also introducing the WX-SM410 cardioid condenser lavalier microphones as a separate item. This lavalier microphone also ships as a set with the wireless bodypack. All new products are available to authorized resellers today.