Tether Tools Introduces New ONsite Relay Camera Power System

Tether Tools introduced its OnSite Relay Camera Power System, the choice for many photographers looking to leverage constant power when shooting photography or videography, on-set, or on-site. The continuous power is drawn from a battery bank, d-tap battery, or wall outlet and is perfect for long shoots, astrophotography, night photography, time-lapses, shooting video, long exposures, travel photography, or wherever power is consistently needed.

The ONsite Relay Camera Power System utilizes the Tether Tools Relay Camera Coupler which is universally compatible with most proprietary Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Fiji, Blackmagic, and Olympus cameras, many Sony NP-F L-Series video monitors and lights and compatible with cameras and devices requiring up to 8V of power. The system comes with either a USB-A connection (Case Relay A) or two USB-C (Case Relay C), and can be used to hot-swap batteries when on a photoshoot.

Key Features include:

  • Perfect for: astrophotography, night photography, time lapses, shooting video, long exposures, travel photography
  • Continually power your camera with USB battery packs
  • Hot swap batteries mid-shooting with no downtime
  • No need to purchase multiple camera batteries
  • Compatible with most Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Fujifilm and Olympus cameras and many Sony NP-F L-Series video monitors
  • Can be adapted for use with D-Tap batteries.

With ONsite Relay A, you’ll never run out of power and never need to stress about forgetting your camera batteries. If you’re shooting and get low on battery power, simply swap out external batteries throughout your shoot. ONsite Relay A’s internal UPS battery will keep your camera powered while you exchange external batteries. Utilizing a wall outlet or external batteries, you could in theory shoot forever with consistent power flowing to your camera through ONsite Relay A.