Monoprice Introduces Stage Right Recording Studio Desk

Monoprice has introduced the Stage Right by Monoprice Recording Studio Desk. The desk provides a large studio feel with a home studio footprint.

Building a home studio can be an exciting experience. It starts with sourcing core pieces of audio gear, such as Digital Audio Workstation software, an interface, good monitors, and so on. With the audio portion acquired, you are now ready to record, right? Not so fast.

Usually neglected, a proper workstation can make the difference between an uncomfortably functioning home studio and one you actually want to work in. The Stage Right Recording Studio Desk brings the feel and comfort of a large professional studio directly into your home.

Measuring only 31.5” in width, the Stage Right Recording Studio Desk is both large enough to fit a typical 49-key MIDI keyboard controller with full-size keys and small enough to fit into any room or apartment. At 24” of total depth and with an upper shelf that is 19”deep, it occupies the minimum amount of space possible.

With a raised platform and pullout keyboard tray, the Stage Right Recording Studio Desk provides all of the flexibility necessary to accommodate most home studio setups. No monitor speakers stand? No problem. With a raised offset platform that sits at 38” from the ground, stands are simply not needed. Simply place your monitor speakers (5” recommended) on each end of the platform and you’re done. Additionally, the keyboard tray can be pulled out when needed or pushed in when not in use, further reducing the workstation’s footprint.

The Stage Right by Monoprice Recording Studio Desk is priced at $149.99.