Voxengo Released Voxengo Boogex 3.0 Free Guitar Amplifier Plugin

Voxengo is happy to announce the release of the next major version 3.0 of its Boogex plugin, a free guitar amplifier and cabinet simulation plugin for professional music production applications. The plugin is available in AAX, AudioUnit, VST and VST3 plugin formats, or macOS and Windows computers.

This version features the following changes:

  •  Implemented the “DynaCab” dynamic convolution technique
  • Added the preset list sorting function to the preset manager
  • Redesigned the knob image
  • Extended the “Color Editor” with color modifiers
  • Added the “Gray Blue” color scheme
  • Added the “Amp” enable switch
  • Now Boogex can be used as a plain stereo convolver when the “Amp” stage is disabled, and the “Pre EQ Mix” set to 100

Boogex is a guitar amplifier plug-in with a variety of sound shaping features for professional music production applications. With Boogex it is possible to get a heavy distorted sound as well as a slight “jazzy” saturation sound. Boogex is also able to apply any speaker cabinet impulse response (selection of built-in impulses is available). The processing latency is close to zero making it possible to use Boogex for real-time guitar processing. Boogex also includes reverberation module derived from Voxengo OldSkoolVerb reverb.

Voxengo Boogex and other audio plugins can be downloaded at the Voxengo web site.