Accusonus has a Beat Making Bundle Flash Sale

Accusonus announced their Beat Making Bundle Sale. It features the Beat Making Bundle 2, which includes Rhythmiq, Regroover Pro, Beatformer, and all expansion packs, for $299. (Regular price $750). This sale is valid until March 19, 2020.

The Beat Making Bundle 2 includes:

Rhythmiq allows you to instantly jam with your beats. Get unlimited beat variations with the turn of a single knob. Generate and save new Rhythmiq patterns and instantly create fills and build-ups. Enable your A.I. Beat Assistant and let Rhythmiq perform your beats in real-time like when you are jamming with a human band-mate.

Rhythmiq is usually priced at $149. It is priced at $109 if you buy it individually as part of the sale.

Regroover lets you extract stems from your audio loops and enable new beat-making workflows. Use Regroover’s Artificial-Intelligence engine and get previously-unreachable sounds from inside your audio samples. Craft the isolated beat elements to create your personal drum kits. Instantly remix your loops and create your own loop variations.

Regroover is usually priced at $219, but is on sale at $129 if bought individually as part of the sale.

Beatformer enables you to effortlessly shape the sound of your beats with 4 intuitive controls: Boom, Punch, Squash, and Air. Blend analog-style processing with modern digital technology. Transparently fine tune or fully transform your beats with the turn of a simple dial.

Beatformer is usually priced at $99. You can buy it individually for $69 while the sale lasts.