Download iZotope’s Ozone Imager V2 for Free!

iZotope has updated its Ozone Imager stereo imaging plug-in, and is currently offering it as a free download. Ozone Imager Version 2 comes updated with Stereoize II and a resizable window, so you can narrow or widen your stereo image with simple controls.

Updated in 2019 with immersive, fluid visuals, full resizability, and a smooth new Stereoize mode, this free plug-in offers a wider world of possibilities for imaging in your mix.

Control the width: Easily widen or narrow your sounds to fit them in any mix. It’s the easiest way to spread out a narrow-sounding synth or nestle your bass guitar in the center.

Stereoize it: Stereoize can turn mono into stereo, with no need for reverb or doubling. Use the new Stereoize II mode for subtle enhancement, or Stereoize I for a colorful phasing effect.

Visualize your sides: Three different vectorscope meters help check your stereo width and see if your left and right channels are lining up properly. Resize your plug-in window to get an even better view of the action!

System Requirements:

  •  Mac: OS X 10.11.6 (El Capitan) – macOS 10.15 (Catalina)
  • PC: Win 7-Win 10

Available Formats: All plug-in formats are 64-bit only

  •  Audio Unit
  • AAX
  • VST2
  • VST3

Supported Hosts: Logic Pro X, Live 9-10, FL Studio 20, Pro Tools 12.8-2019, Cubase 9.5-10, Studio One 4, Reason 10-11, Reaper 5-6, Bitwig Studio 3, Audition CC 2019, Premier Pro CC 2019, Sound Forge Mac 3, Sound Forge Pro 13, Digital Performer 10, Nuendo 10, Wavelab 9, Final Cut Pro X