Kodak Released Kodak Professional Ektachrome Film

Kodak announced the availability of the highly anticipated Kodak Ektachrome Film line. It is expected to be a favorite among professional and enthusiast photographers alike.

Kodak Professional Ektachrome Film E100, available from Kodak Alaris, will immediately begin shipping to distributers and stock house dealers worldwide. The new film will initially be available in 135/36x camera format.

Kodak Ektachrome 7294 Color Reversal Film in the Super 8 format will also be available beginning October 1, 2018 from Eastman Kodak Company. Availability of Ektachrome products in the 16mm format will follow later this year.

Kodak Professional Ektachrome Film E100 and Kodak Ektachrome 7294 Color Reversal Film are daylight balanced color positive films, featuring clean, vibrant colors, a neutral tonal scale, and extremely fine grain.

The distinctive look is well suited to a wide range of applications, such as product, landscape, nature and fashion photography. Kodak also anticipates a strong demand for Super 8 and 16mm products for use in commercials, music films, and features.