iZotope Introduces Nectar Elements Vocal Plug-In

iZotope has introduced its Nectar Elements Vocal Mixing Plug-in. It introduces Vocal Assistant, the latest innovation in iZotope’s assistive audio technology, which helps mix your vocals quickly and allows you more freedom to make those creative decisions.

This re-introduction of Nectar Elements streamlines meticulous mixing workflows by acting like an assistant who takes care of time-consuming tasks with your creative judgement. The Vocal Assistant in Nectar Elements analyzes and adapts to your vocal sound, taking the guesswork out of placing your vocal in the mix.

The biggest difference from the previous version of Nectar Elements is Vocal Assistant. It uses machine learning to learn any vocal and apply a custom sound for it. Pitch, De-ess, Dynamics, Clarity, Tone and Space are all custom-built to help you get a professional sound with incredible speed.

The new version of Nectar Elements includes iZotope’s latest DSP and simplifies many of the modules that were included in the old version of Nectar Elements. What they learned from the first iteration of Nectar Elements is that while presets are useful, they were rarely custom built for the vocal. Vocal Assistant ensures that your vocal chain is custom built every time with machine learning, rather than having a set of parameters that have zero context about the source material.

Nectar Elements just cracks the surface of what iZotope has planned to help relieve common mix issues. With technological additions like Track Assistant, Master Assistant, and Vocal Assistant, iZotope aim’s to provide time-saving, intelligent features that get you to a great result faster while easing frustrating issues like masking, tonal balance, and now vocal placement.