ZeeVee Brings ZeeVee ZyPer4K to InfoComm 2018

ZeeVee has been working for more than a decade to help lead the industry and develop new distribution platforms that leverage standards-based technology. ZeeVee will bring the ZeeVee ZyPer4K platform to InfoComm 2018.

The ZeeVee ZyPer4k platform allows for the distribution and switching of high definition uncompressed video, audio, and control using ZyPer4K encoder and decoder modules and off-the-shelf 10Gb Ethernet switches (both fiber and copper).

When you need the highest quality picture delivered with virtually zero latency the ZyPer4K encoders and decoders allow you to deliver uncompressed 4k AV at less than a millisecond of latency. One of the first SDVoE solutions on the market, the ZyPer4K enables any AV source to be delivered to an unlimited number of displays directly over a standard 10Gb Ethernet switch.

Using industry standard CAT 6a cables, or fiber, you can send audio and video from HDMI, SDI, Analog and Display Port source up to 100 meters – and using the USB port, control keyboards, mice, and cameras directly over your network. ZyPer4K also has a 1Gb direct network connection, ideal connecting other IP devices – without extra cabling.

By using standard cables and switches, a ZyPer4K solution can save up to 40% compared to the cost of conventional, proprietary AV switches – without sacrificing image quality, resolution, and latency.

For audio, ZyPer4K distributes both analog and digital audio to each decoder – perfect for areas that need an affordable long distance audio solution. ZyPer4K will also distribute infrared, RS-232, and IP control codes from virtually any controller, including those from AMX, and Crestron.

Visit ZeeVee at the Advanced Media Technologies booth #N1143 in the North Hall & Grand Lobby at InfoComm 2018.