Audified Introduces SpeakUp

Audified has introduced SpeakUp. It is a plugin designed to make creating voice-overs easier. Adjusting the volume of a spoken word in a video can be time consuming. Audified thought there could be a much easier way to edit voice-overs. So, they created SpeakUp.

SpeakUp has emerged from the necessity to simplify the process of creating voiceovers and YouTube shows. SpeakUp plugin bundle does exactly that. Applying the SpeakUp Sensor plugin on the speech track and the SpeakUp Performer on the music allows you to focus only on what is really important – your show. User friendly control allows you to adjust the plug-in behavior to suit you the best.

SpeakUp Sensor features:

  • Sensitivity – adjust the threshold of voice-over detection
  • Lookahead – tell the Sensor plugin how much to delay the speech so the music fades-out before the speech in the final render
  • Control Bus – choose up to two independent control busses if you need sophisticated scenario
  • Force Talk – push this button to be heard immediately no matter if you reach the Sensitivity threshold or not.

Sensor Mode features:

  • Ducking Amount – defines the currently applied amount (0-100%) of desired attenuation
  • Fade-out Time – transition time between 0% and 100% Ducking Amount
  • Fade-in Time – transition time between 100% and 0% Ducking Amount
  • Hold Time – keep the Ducking Amount value at 100% while there is no speech
  • Target Attenuation – set the target attenuation applied on the music track
  • Speech Frequencies Attenuation – set the attenuation of speech filter applied on your music track to enhance intelligibility of the voice-over
  • Control Bus – set the performer to listen to Sensor signals on up to two independent control busses

Automation Mode is driven by our will. You write a Ducking Amount parameter automation curve directly to your DAW (in Sensor Mode), modify it or even redraw it from scratch. Then just let the SpeakUp Automation mode do its magic. Performer is only controlled by the Ducking Amount parameter value read from DAW, Sensor signals do not have effect in this mode.