Aputure Diety Condenser Microphone

Aputure was founded in 2005 by a team of inspired filmmakers and videographers who wanted to create high quality content, but struggled with steep cost of equipment needed to do so. The Aputure Deity is their newest condenser microphone.

The Aputure Deity is a professional shotgun condenser microphone, offering superior sound performance, high industrial standard components and great craftwork made for a reliable tool for audio recording. For film, documentary, interview and more, this mic offers the best quality audio for your needs.

The new Deity has remarkably low off-axis coloration. It can get great balance between major sound and environmental ambience. Sound from off-axis direction won’t get distortion or coloration. The Diety can more accurately capture off-axis sound, minimizing noise reduction requirements in post.

The Diety adopts a super cardioid polar pattern, which is extremely directional minimizing surrounding ambient noise, which is a very important characteristic for recording (dialogue) with a boom pole. Capture dialogue directly with a broadcast level quality.