ADDER Will Launch ADDERLink INFINITY 100T at NAB 2018

ADDER will launch the new ADDERLink INFINITY 100T at NAB 2018. It is a UP-based KVM transmitter that can form part of the ADDERLink INFINITY solution.

The ADDERLink INFINITY 100T (ALIF 100T) is a Zero U, high performance, IP-based KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) transmitter that enables the use of standard IT infrastructure to extend computers away from the user environment.

Product features include:

  • Zero U size: The ALIF100T takes Zero U of rack space in the server room allowing for ultimate flexibility and ease of installation
  • IP-based: Use your existing networking infrastructure to extend or matrix your computing resources to your users
  • USB powered: The device can be powered from USB. This means there is no need to provision for an external PSU. Options for powering from an external PSU or redundant PSU are also available
  • Low power consumption: Requiring less than 3 Watts, the unit can be powered from USB. This means it could use less than a quarter of the energy when compared to other solutions.
  • Multiple video options: The system supports resolutions to a maximum of 1920×1200@60Hz through either DVI, DisplayPort or VGA interfaces
  • USB 2.0: Enables you to connect any USB human interface device from mice and keyboards through graphics tablets, jog shuttles, joysticks and 3D explorers
  • USB Audio: The system delivers USB stereo audio (Line In, Line Out) digitally across the network
  • Seamless Integration with the ADDERLink INFINITY range: The ALIF100T can integrate seamlessly into your existing ADDERLink INFINITY setup, replacing or working in conjunction with your existing ALIF endpoints.