Bitwig Announces Bitwig Studio 2.3

Bitwig announced Bitwig Studio 2.3. With their biggest point update yet, they deliver a number of features requested by the community, alongside hot new things, profoundly expanding the sound design possibilities in Bitwig Studio.

Sink your teeth into Phase-4, the massive new phase manipulation synthesizer, time signature changes, voice stacking capabilities and gloriously expanded views for seven devices.

Additionally, with Bitwig Studio 2.3, Bitwig introduces major improvements in time-stretching, including industry-leading Elastique algorithms from zplane. Bitwig tops things off with two new selector devices, a new modulator, a multitude of improvements, and a sound content update involving renowned sound designers.

The beta testing phase of Bitwig Studio 2.3 starts soon. All Bitwig Studio 2 license holders will be able to test the new version, and Bitwig will send out a newsletter as soon as the beta is available. The release of Bitwig Studio 2.3 is planned for the end of February.