Toontrack Released The Rock Foundry SDX

Toontrack was founded in 1999 and is located in Sweden. Toontrack designs tools for musicians, songwriters and producers. Their products inspire, streamline your workflow, and give your sound a world-class end result. Toontrack released The Rock Foundry SDX.

The Rock Foundry SDX features 65 GB of raw, unprocessed drum sounds recorded by the most notable, influential, and sought-after engineer/producer of our time: Bob Rock.

The Rock Foundry SDX was recorded at Bob Rock’s studio The Warehouse in Vancouver, BC, and designed to give you the most flexible selection of drums, ambiences, and options possible.

It’s configured as two individual SDXs, one “Main” and one “Mono”. The “Main” features six kits captured with a traditional multiple microphone technology whereas the “Mono” configuration was recorded using a minimal setup. In addition to the seven individual kits, a large selection of extra snares, kicks, and cymbals are provided, making The Rock Foundry SDX an incredibly broad pallet of raw material to use to craft drum mixes within the powerful framework of Superior Drummer 3. (Note: The Rock Foundry SDX requires Superior Drummer 3.)


  • Seven individual kits plus alternative configurations
  • Recorded by Bob Rock at The Warehouse in Vancouver, BC
  • Ludwig, Ayotte, Gretch, Dunnett, Yahama among the brands covered
  • Six hi-hats, six ride cymbals, 15 crash cymbals
  • Mix presets by Bob Rock included
  • A basic selection of custom MIDI drum grooves included