Anthem One is Massively Modular

Anthem One is a revolutionary lighting product. It’s lifespan is 2,000 times longer, twice as bright, and 1/4th the cost of a metal halide system. While the lifespan of other lighting systems is calculated in hours, Anthem One is calculated in decades.

Anthem One uses Anthem Light Cards, swappable solid-state wafers coated with an array of micro LEDs. Anthem Light Card has the punch of a metal halide system without any of the flaws. Additionally, Anthem Light Cards are available in a wide variety of light fields; UV, visible spectrum, and IR, allowing customers to select the perfect Anthem Light Card for their specific industry.

Anthem One is 1/4th the size of a comparable metal halide system. At 140mm (5.5 inches) cubed and 3.45 kilos (7.6 pounds), you can fit it in your hand. Anthem One’s hidden neo-dymium magnets, 1/4-20 bottom-socket, and dual Kensington ports allow you to mount, strap or lash Anthem One to bikes, cars, drones, stabilizers, rails, tracks and pipe.

Anthem One is massively modular. Neo-dymium magnets are hidden throughout Anthem One. Snap two Anthem One’s together and you have a light source as powerful as an 800 watt HMI (metal halide) lamp. Four output a massive 120,000 lumens from a 280mm (11 inch) square face.