Cameleon 2.0 Makes it Easy to Live Stream on Facebook

Cameleon logoCameleon 2.0 is a simple broadcasting tool that enables people to connect any live camera to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch (and more) for the easiest live content creation. It makes it easy for you to start live streaming.

Download Cameleon and use it with your Mac, Windows PC, iPhone, or Android with built-in camera. It is also possible to use Cameleon by attaching it to any USB WebCam, GoPro Hero, or IP Camera. Cameleon is a new kind of media-server that uses your devices own resources – and does not use the cloud. It has less than 1% CPU usage per camera. It offers HD, high frame-rate, two-way sound, and “all the bells and whistles”.

Cameleon 2.0 is for people who want to start live streaming on either YouTube Live or Facebook Live Video. Some think that Facebook is interested in featuring live streamed videos by giving them prime placement.

Cameleon is on Kickstarter and has 55 days left to go (at the time I am writing this blog). The Kickstarter page has directions (with images) that show you how to download and begin using Cameleon.

On the Kickstarter page, creator Kalman Venczel says they were able to create Cameleon (and offer it for free) because they had passive income to maintain their lives while they worked unpaid on it for years. The Kickstarter was necessary because their short-term freelance jobs were slowing them down on the creation of Cameleon 2.0.