Slick Stabilizer Is A Motorized Camera Steadycam

Slick StabilizerNobody likes watching video that’s bouncing and jerking around the frame. Some cameras come with built-in stabilizers to try and solve the problem. But those kinds of stabilizers can only do so much. There are high-end solutions like the Steadicam harness. But they’re very expensive and require special training to operate. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a middle ground between these two solutions? That’s where the new Slick Stabilizer comes in.

Slick Stabilizer is compatible with GoPro cameras. Using standard GoPro mounts, users can attach Slick to any of their favorite accessories – like a helmet, a pole, a dog, a chest mount, a drone, or even a surfboard. Slick is also the world’s first waterproof stabilizer. Slick can be used with water sports like surfing, sailing, kayaking, and kitesurfing. Here’s how Slick works:

SLICK uses motors and sensors: each of the camera’s motorized three axes is driven by a micro-controller, so that the camera stays perfectly level regardless of the kind of terrain you’re moving on.

SLICK is compact and very simple to use:

1) Attach your GoPro camera to SLICK

2) Attach SLICK into your favorite GoPro mount — they are all compatible

3) Switch it on and kick off the action!

Slick was launched thru a successful Indiegogo campaign. The product is currently in development and Slick’s designers are hoping to unveil a prototype soon. It’s still possible to preorder a Slick thru the Indiegogo page at an early bird price of $229.00.