Neumann U 47 Fet is Back!

Neumann U 47 fetNeumann is the creator of the U 47 fet microphone. It was first manufactured from 1972 to 1986, and has recently returned to production in a new edition. The Neumann U 47 fet won a Technical Achievement award in the category of “Microphones – Recording” at NAMM 2016.

Neumann notes that although we are presently in the age of digitization, we are also experiencing a renaissance of the analog realm. When it comes to music production, the retro sound of the 1960s and 1970s is being rediscovered, especially by young musicians. The U 47 fet was an essential contributor to that time.

Today, considerable efforts have been made to imitate the sound signature of the U 47 fet. It was a top microphone for soloists, affected the spatial dimension of sound and the tonal depth of countless productions. The extremely high sound pressure levels of the U 47 fet, combined with the capsule sound derived from its famous tube-based predecessor, made U 47 highly desirable.

Now, the U 47 fet, made by Neumann, is back! The U 47 fet Collectors Edition is a new edition of the classic version. The new edition was released in 2014 and is an award winner.

The U 47 fet is a condenser microphone with a cardioid directional characteristic and fet 80 circuit technology. That technology is characterized by a wide dynamic range. The K47 double large-diaphragm capsule was already employed in the U 47, the legendary tube-based predecessor of the U 47 fet.

Some features include:

* Acoustical operating principle – pressure gradient transducer

* Directional pattern – cardoid

* Frequency range – 40 Hz … 16 kHz

* Sensitivity at 1 kHz into 1 kohm – 8 mV/Pa

* Rated impedance – 150 ohms

* Rated load impedance – 1 kohms

* Equivalent noise level, CCIR – 25 dB

* Signal-to-noise ratio, CCIR – 69 dB

* Signal-to-noise ratio, A-weighted – 76 dB

* Power supply (IEC 61938) – P48

* Required connector – XLR 3 F

* Weight – 710 g

* Diameter -63 mm

* Length – 160 mm