Jockey Motion 4-Axis Gimbal Stabilizes Video

Jockey 4Axis GimbalNeed an easy way to stabilize the video for your cinematic production? You might want to check out the Jockey Motion 4-Axis Gimbal. Or, maybe the 4th-Axis Jockey Upgrade for Ronin, Ronin-M, and AllSteady gimbals would be a better choice for you. They are currently on Kickstarter, have reached their pledged amount, and can be backed for 6 more days.

The True 4-Axis Jockey Technology is described as “the Holy Grail of cinematic stabilization”. The 4-Axis technology stabilizes the vertical axis, a critical deficiency of traditional 3-axis gimbals in addressing bouncy videos.

While Turbo Ace engineers were developing the revolutionary Jockey Motion 4-Axis gimbal, they also adapted a seamless 4th-axis Jockey upgrade for Ronin, Ronin-M, Movi M5, Movi M10, All-Steady-6Pro, and AllSteady-6Plus gimbals. It provides easy transition between existing 3-axis and new 4-axis stabilization.

Turbo Ace engineers integrated a proprietary custom suspension system with 4 synchronized Hydraulic Shocks to absorb and slowly dissipate energy in the vertical axis. This puts a stop to the endless up and down oscillation from the main spring. The idea is very similar to the suspension system found in an automobile.

This new, innovative, gimbal set couples the Jockey with the Super Light Weight Support Rig, which is less than 20% of the weight of a normal shoulder rig. It transfers the gimbal and camera weight to your hip instead of your shoulder and at the same time allows for a higher range of movement.