Camlet is the World’s First Multi-Device Camera Mount

CamletSometimes it seems like we really are living in a brave new world when it comes to the many options we have available for mobile media gathering. What used to require a huge rig with tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment can now be achieved (in many cases) with a mobile phone, tablet and/or a prosumer-grade camera. But there are still challenges when it comes to using these devices efficiently while also making them come together to ultimately create a single entity that’s better than the individual parts.

Many devices have tried to solve this problem in recent years. And the latest entrant to the field is Camlet, an accessory touted as the world’s first multi-device camera mount. Camlet works by pairing a dSLR or mirrorless camera with a mobile device such as a tablet or phone using the Camlet cable and mount system. This “merges” the two devices, allowing for complete control of the camera from the mobile device using either Camlet’s specially designed control app or other apps created by third parties.

Camlet is flexible so it can be used in a variety of different ways. If your camera is on a tripod, Camlet can raise your mobile device up over the top of the camera to make it easier to see. Or if you’re mobile, you can fold Camlet back so the mobile device acts more like a large-screen viewfinder. Camlet can even turn the mobile device around so it’s facing forward, which would be a great solution for vlogging or other times when you need to monitor the video but can’t actually be behind the camera.

Camlet is being launched thru a Kickstarter campaign that’s currently at $41,000 of it’s $45,000 goal. The campaign has just less than three days before it’s over. If you’d like Camlet to be a part of your next camera rig, head over to the link at the top of this article and make a pledge!