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VOX Debuts New AC30S1 Amplifier

VOX has debuted the AC30S1 Amplifier. It is an updated version of the VOX AC30, which has been an integral component of rock ‘n’ roll since the 1960s. The AC30 OneTwelve (AC30S1) delivers the full-fledged experience of the classic AC30, but in a more stripped down and straightforward way.

Its single channel design is based on the revered Top Boost channel of the AC30, a sound that has been the source of some of the most famous riffs in rock history. This unique, touch-sensitive circuit delivers a wide range of tones from chimey clean to rich overdrive.

The AC30S1 also features a studio-quality digital reverb., an effects send/return for pairing with your favorite pedals, and an external speaker output for pairing with other speaker cabinets. This all-new AC30 represents the evolution of an iconic sound, paring legendary VOX tones with a simple, modern approach to amplifier design.

Main features:

  • Single-channel design inspired by the AC30’s trademark Top Boost.
  • All tube design featuring two 12AX7 pre-amp tubes and four EL84 power-amp tubes
  • Equipped with a single Celestion-made 12-inch speaker, specifically voices for the AC30S1
  • Effects send/return and external speaker output are provided for pairing with pedals or external cabinets – equipped with digital reverb that simulates a classic spring reverb

Roland Unveils Aerophone GO Digital Wind Instrument

Roland announced Aerophone GO, a unique and affordable digital wind instrument that’s simple to operate and fun to play. Featuring traditional sax fingering, a variety of onboard instrument sounds, headphones monitoring for quiet practice, and more, Aerophone GO is ideal for saxophonists and other wind players of all experience levels.

It’s also a great first-time solution for anyone who’s ever dreamed about playing a wind instrument. Aerophone GO features onboard Bluetooth as well, providing access to extended functionality via the free Aerophone GO Plus and Aerophone GO Ensemble apps.

Combining traditional feel and response with innovative Roland digital technologies, Aerophone GO is an expressive modern instrument that’s versatile, practical, and inspiring. It is light and runs on batteries for easy mobility and features 11 high-quality onboard tones that include soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone sax variations, plus flute, clarinet, violin, synth lead, and more. And by connecting to the Aerophone GO Plus app, many more sounds are available to play.

Aerophone GO has a sensitive mouthpiece-mounted breath sensor that also functions as a bite sensor, supporting expressive techniques like vibrato and pitch. Thanks to its digital sound engine, Aerophone GO allows players to instantly transpose keys without having to change their fingering.

The instrument includes an onboard speaker for personal monitoring and intimate performances, and it’s also possible to connect to external amplification for broader sound coverage. Another great benefit is the ability to play quietly through headphones, enabling users to practice anytime and anywhere without disturbing others.

Aerophone GO is a standalone instrument. More features are available through the Aerophone GO Plus app, and the Aerophone GO Ensemble app.

Nikon Superzoom COOLPIX P1000 Offers an Astounding Zoom

Nikon announced the COOLPIX P1000, the new undisputed powerhouse of superzooms. With an incredible 125x optical zoom (24-3000mm equivalent), powered by high performance NIKKOR optics; the P1000 is the ideal camera for birding, sports, wildlife, and celestial-photographers seeking superior performance from extreme distances.

Beyond its incredible zoom range, the versatile 16-megapixel COOLPIX P1000 captures 4K UHD video and offers a myriad of manual controls, as well as user-friendly functions including built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, letting photographers of all levels explore and share their creativity.

The COOLPIX P1000 incorporates state-of-the-art NIKKOR technology, designed with ED and Super ED lens elements, boasts the world’s most powerful 125X optical zoom lens (24-3000mm f/2.8-8) and 250X Dynamic Fine Zoom, equivalent to a staggering 6000mm from macro to extreme distances.

This powerful zoom range gives the P1000 the versatility to chronicle an adventure filled vacation, capture a favorite ballplayer from the top tier of a stadium or fill the frame with celestial objects like the moon, that normally only a telescope could reach.

The COOLPIX P1000 makes it easier than ever for photographers to express their personal creativity. Through its host of manual functions and RAW (NRW) image output, the P1000 is great for advanced users seeking precise control from point of capture to post-production. The COOLPIX P1000 offers an innovative control layout complete with a function button, command dial and mode dial to bring frequently used functions to a photographer’s fingertips.

The camera’s built-in Wi-Fi capability can only be used with a compatible iPhone, iPad, and/or other iPod touch or smart devices running on the Android operating system.

iZotope Introduces Nectar Elements Vocal Plug-In

iZotope has introduced its Nectar Elements Vocal Mixing Plug-in. It introduces Vocal Assistant, the latest innovation in iZotope’s assistive audio technology, which helps mix your vocals quickly and allows you more freedom to make those creative decisions.

This re-introduction of Nectar Elements streamlines meticulous mixing workflows by acting like an assistant who takes care of time-consuming tasks with your creative judgement. The Vocal Assistant in Nectar Elements analyzes and adapts to your vocal sound, taking the guesswork out of placing your vocal in the mix.

The biggest difference from the previous version of Nectar Elements is Vocal Assistant. It uses machine learning to learn any vocal and apply a custom sound for it. Pitch, De-ess, Dynamics, Clarity, Tone and Space are all custom-built to help you get a professional sound with incredible speed.

The new version of Nectar Elements includes iZotope’s latest DSP and simplifies many of the modules that were included in the old version of Nectar Elements. What they learned from the first iteration of Nectar Elements is that while presets are useful, they were rarely custom built for the vocal. Vocal Assistant ensures that your vocal chain is custom built every time with machine learning, rather than having a set of parameters that have zero context about the source material.

Nectar Elements just cracks the surface of what iZotope has planned to help relieve common mix issues. With technological additions like Track Assistant, Master Assistant, and Vocal Assistant, iZotope aim’s to provide time-saving, intelligent features that get you to a great result faster while easing frustrating issues like masking, tonal balance, and now vocal placement.

HOFA SYSTEM All Bundle is On Sale

HOFA is having a sale on the HOFA SYSTEM All Bundle. The All Bundle is part of the HOFA Plugins SummerSpecial, where it is being offered for 50% off.

HOFA SYSTEM offers you 32 high-end plugins in 4 suites, which you can use in your DAW or connect them to each other in the revolutionary SYSTEM interface via drag’n’drop.

  • For mixing, mastering and sounddesign
  • With premium dynamics, EQs, reverbs, FX, modulation and saturation effects and utilities
  • Intuitive and fast workflow for multiband, mid/side, parallel and dual mono routings
  • All plugins are usable in the DAW and in HOFA SYSTEM

There are more than 300 throughly complied presets in the HOFA SYSTEM. Not only are they perfect starting points for your own creations – they sound just awesome, too! You can also add presets to your existing chain just via drag’n’drop and thus easily create your own individual high end channelstrip.

HOFA designed SYSTEM as the ultimate channelstrip. One HOFA SYSTEM per channel is enough to handle complete mixes. High quality Eqing, professional compression and impressive spatial design can be performed in a breath.

There are not only serial designs but also parallel, multiband, and mid/side controls always at hand and can be used for completely new processings. And with its flexible routing, feedback loops and complex modulation, HOFA System is the perfect tool for sound design.

Soundtoys Little AlterBoy Now on Sale

Soundtoys has a sale on their Little AlterBoy Monophonic Voice Manipulator. The regular price is $99. You can buy it now for $29. Soundtoys plugins do require a free iLok account, but they do not require the iLok hardware dongle.

Little AlterBoy is Soundtoys’ exciting new tool for dramatic voice alteration. Get a huge range of vocal transformations from one simple plug-in. Change the pitch of a voice, or change the singer’s gender with formant shifting. Lock onto a single pitch for robotic sounds. You can even control the vocal’s melody using MIDI for creative vocoder-like effects.

Highlights include:

  • Transform vocals with a set of easy-to-use tools in one simple plug-in
  • Shift the pitch and formant (gender) of vocals in real time
  • Use the mix control to create instant vocal harmony
  • Lock vocals to a pitch for robot effects
  • Create vocoder-like effects using MIDI control
  • Get that “hard tune” effect heard in countless hip hop and pop hits


  • Current Version: 5.2.0
  • Plug-in Formats (both 32 and 64-bit): AAX Native, AAX AudioSuite, VST, and Audio Units (AU)
  • Supported Sample Rates: Minimum 44.1 kHz, Maximum 192 kHz
  • System requirements:
    Operating systems: Mac OS X 10.8 or later, Windows 7 or later
    An internet connection is required at the time of activation
  • Supported Hosts:
    Pro Tools (10.3.5 or later), Live, Cubase, Nuendo, Sonar, Logic, Digital Peformer
  • Other Requirements: Free account

Open Labs has Launched StorePass

In June, Open Labs unveiled StorePass and revealed some information about it. Now, Open Labs has announced that StorePass has been launched. It can be purchased in the Stagelight in-app store.

Today we’re launching StorePass, an All Access VIP Unlock for all Stagelight Loop and Preset Packs. StorePass not only includes instant access to all 115 packs and 8500+ sounds available today, it also includes a FREE UPDATE to Stagelight 4. Additionally, anyone who picks up StorePass will get all new Loop and Preset Packs we’ll be releasing throughout version 4! Buying all of our current content packs alone would cost over $560 dollars. Starting today, you can get it all for the low price of $149.

StorePass is your VIP ticket into Stagelight 4, which is coming this fall. It will have huge features, including a brand new instrument sampler with a phrase arpeggiator, full MPE support, new automation engine, hundreds of work flow enhancements and iOS support.

To get StorePass in Stagelight, you need to upgrade to the latest version of Stagelight. Next, Launch Stagelight, log in, and tap Store. Find StorePass in the features tab, add it to your cart, and check out.

BOSS Katana-Air Guitar Amplifier Now Available

BOSS announced the availability of the Katana-Air, the world’s first totally wireless guitar amplifier. Compact and battery-powered, the Katana-Air features new low-latency wireless guitar technology developed by BOSS and a custom wireless transmitter that plugs into any electric guitar.

This gives players the freedom to jam and practice anywhere without fussing with guitar cables or AC connections. It’s also possible to play along with audio streamed via Bluetooth from an iOS or Android smartphone, and remotely edit tones and effects from the dedicated BOSS Tone Studio app.

Equipped with the same sound-shaping features found in the Katana Version 2 amplifiers, the Katana-Air delivers premium tones for all styles of music. Five channels provide a wide range of sounds, from sparkling clean to BOSS’s custom high-gain Brown sound. There’s also integrated access to over 50 BOSS effects, plus six memories for storing favorite amp and effects setups.

Though compact in size, the Katana-Air is serious about sound quality. Equipped with pro amp tones and effects from the performance-class Katana amplifiers, this wireless wonder delivers premium guitar sounds for any style of music.

To further extend the cable free experience, you can wirelessly edit and organize sounds with a dedicated amp and jam with songs streamed from your smartphone. With the innovative Katana-Air and your favorite axe, casual playing has never been more convenient and inspiring.

The Katana-Air wireless guitar amplifier is now available for a U.S. price of $399.99.

Sennheiser Selects Evolution e 604 as Mic of the Month

Sennheiser has selected its Evolution e 604 as its Mic of the Month for July 2018. It is a cardioid microphone for drums and brass instruments.

The frequency response and cardioid pick-up pattern of the e 604 are optimized for drum sets and other percussion instrument miking, while also producing exceptional results on all forms of brass and woodwind. An integral stand mount screws directly into mic stands and included clip attaches mic to rim of drum.

Very high sound pressure level handling, in excess of 160 dB, is combined with a balanced, clear, low distortion signal similar to a high-end studio condenser microphone. Lightweight voice coil provides extended high frequency and rapid transient response. A tough reinforced glass fiber body takes the knocks and shocks and suppresses impact noise.

Features include:

  • Rugged reinforced glass-fiber body
  • Low sensitivity to impact and handling noise
  • Very high sound pressure handling capability
  • Low distortion microphone
  • Hum compensating coil
  • Easy to position due to compact design
  • Integral stand mount

PreSonus Introduces FaderPort

PreSonus has introduced FaderPort, a USB production controller that provides advanced, innovative DAW Control. Amazingly fast, efficient studio workflow awaits you!

Although a keyboard and mouse are tried-and-true DAW-control devices, they’re far more effective when used in tandem with the FaderPort’s precise tactile control over mix and automation functions. A superior solution for anyone who mixes in the box, FaderPort provides a 100mm touch-sensitive, motorized fader for writing fades and automation in real time and 24 buttons covering 40 different functions, all in a compact chassis that easily sits on any desk.

FaderPort lets you quickly zoom in on audio files for editing, and control track levels with the touch of a finger. PreSonus incorporated elements from their award-winning FaderPort 8 into their new and improved FaderPort. Rather than forcing you to revise your mixing method, the FaderPort augments the way you currently mix.

The FaderPort’s unique Session Navigator provides easy access to eight mission-critical functions for maximum flexibility. Use the larger encoder button and companion buttons to edit and mix with greater efficiency and speed.

Scroll through your timeline, using the encoder, or work measure by measure with the arrow buttons. Zoom in and out on the timeline with the encoder and make your tracks larger or smaller with the arrow buttons. Navigate and drop markers, and maintain constant control of your main level.