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SoundSource 3 is an Audio Routing Tool for Mac

SoundSource logomacOS has proven to be an essential tool for media producers. The operating system’s overall stability, combined with its implementation of Core Audio have given media-focused developers a solid foundation for building robust, full-featured media-production applications. But macOS still has some limitations when it comes to the internal routing of audio. Some things can be configured thru the Sound pane in System Preferences. But sometimes, that’s not enough. That’s where SoundSource, an audio routing application from Rogue Amoeba comes in.

Rouge Amoeba recently announced the release of SoundSource 3, the latest version of the app:

From SoundSource’s menu bar icon, you can instantly configure the audio devices your Mac uses for Input, Output and Sound Effects. In seconds, you can adjust the volume for each of your audio devices or switch between connected devices. SoundSource can also enable the soft play-thru of audio from input devices. Use the Play-Thru window to monitor any connected input, such as a microphone, right through your headphones or other output.

SoundSource is a superior sound control in a tremendously convenient package. It tucks out of your way in the menu bar until you need it, then provides easy access to swap audio devices, adjust volumes, and more.

SoundSource is available as a $10 download direct from Rogue Amoeba. The company is also providing a special offer for existing customers of any Rogue Amoeba product that allows those users to get SoundSource for free.