Beastgrip Turns any Mobile Phone into a Pro Video Rig

BeastgripThanks to their built-in high quality video cameras, modern mobile phones have been a real game changer for video producers. And while “phoneography” puts a lot of power directly into the hands of creators, there are still lots of limitations. After all, these cameras are designed to be accessories to cell phones. Not the other way around. But products like the new Beastgrip adapter can turn any mobile phone into a professional video rig.

Beastgrip is a modular and flexible adapter system that works with any iPhone, Android or Windows Mobile mobile phone. Beastgrip also works with phones regardless of whether or not they’re inside of a protective case. This system allows many external lenses and accessories to be used with a mobile phone camera, greatly extending the camera’s functionality.

beastgrip is designed to be one truly universal phoneography system. For example, if you just need to connect your mobile phone to a tripod, Beastgrip does that. If you need to expand your rig to include special lenses or external microphones, Beastgrip does that, too. The possibilities are nearly endless for how you can use Beastgrip. Here’s some specifications:

  • Removable lens mount assembly with standard 37mm lens/filer mount, additional grip and two 1/4″-20 threaded mounts
  • Compatible with wide variety of standard conversion lenses/filters and DOF adapters
  • Extra grip and two mounting points to attach additional accessories
  • Base with adjustable spring loaded clamps will keep your phone securely in place
  • Standard 1/4″-20 threaded mount allows to mount it on any tripod or other support gear
  • Cold shoe mount allows to attach LED light or microphone
  • Ergonomic handle provides with comfortable grip for stable handheld shots
  • Two 1/4″-20 threaded mounts for attaching additional accessories
  • Handle can be removed from the base for more compact setup

Beastgrip is being officially launched thru Kickstarter. The campaign has already exceeded its desired goal amount by more than double. There are pledge rewards at many levels. The $40 level will get you two special Beastgrip lens adapters that will work with many popular lens adapter kits (not just the Beastgrip system). The highest pledge level of $210 will get you the full Beastgrip Pro rig with all lenses and accessories.