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AT5047 is a Premier Studio Microphone

Audio-Technica released the AT5047 cardioid condenser microphone. It is equally at home with vocals and instruments.

Boasting an exceptionally wide dynamic range – the greatest among all Audio-Technica microphones – the AT5047 captures the full, expressive character of a sound source, no matter how loud or how soft. And since it is equipped with a transformer-coupled output, the microphone maintains a constant load output impedance, even when capturing sources at extreme SPL, resulting in a stable relationship between the mic and a mic preamp or console input.

In keeping with the 50 Series’ commitment to purity of sound, the AT5047 includes the four-part rectangular element originally developed for the AT5040. Four exquisitely matched ultra-thin diaphragms function together (with outputs proprietarily summed) as Audio-Technica’s largest-ever element, providing combined surface area twice that of a standard one-inch circular diaphragm.

Features include:

  • Exceptionally wide dynamic range captures the full, expressive character of instruments and voices – from the cress of drum brushes to powerful vocal performances
  • Four rectangular diaphragms (2 micron) function together to provide a combined surface area twice that of a standard one-inch circular diaphragm
  • Discrete components carefully selected and optimized for maximum performance and compatibility with standalone microphone preamps and console inputs
  • Transformer-coupled output provides smooth sonic character
  • Hand assembled and inspected for 100% quality control
  • Advanced internal shock mounting decouples the capsule from the microphone body
  • Elegant, durable housing of aluminum and brass
  • Included advanced-design custom AT8480 shock mount provides superior isolations
  • Custom hard-shell carrying case with die-cut foam compartments offers protection during storage and transport

The AT5047 cardioid condenser microphone is priced at US $3,499.00.

Audio-Technica and Audient Partner for Perfect Production Package

Audio-Technica has collaborated with Audient to deliver the AT2035-Studio “Essential Studio Kit”, a microphone/interface/headphone bundle ideal for budding producers and musicians in home studios or on the move.

Comprising Audio-Technica’s perennially popular AT2035 large diaphragm cardioid condenser mic and ATH-M40x studio monitor headphones, the Essential Studio Kit is completed by Audient’s outstanding iD4 Black USB audio interface.

The interface is the ideal partner for Audio-Technica’s versatile, natural-sounding AT2035, a cornerstone of the company’s studio-oriented 20 Series. It’s high SPL handling, 80Hz high-pass filter and 10dB pad make it well suited to a wide variety of instrument and vocal applications, while the supplied custom shock-mount provides superior isolation from knocks – critical in the studio and on location.

The ATH-M40x headphones deliver excellent performance in both tracking and mixing situations and share the same sonic signature as Audio-Technica’s legendary M50x and M70x flagship headphones.

Featuring a renowned Audient mic preamp, the 2-in/2-out iD4 Black boasts class-leading converter technology, JFET DI and the company’s ScrollControl virtual scroll wheel technology.

The Essential Studio Kit delivers a significant saving on the RRP of the individual components when bought separately – and also includes no less than £500 of Audient curated free plug-ins, production tools and training (available on registration of the iD4 Black on Audient’s ARC webpage), comprising Eventide’s Ultrachannel and Ultraverb plug-ins, Cubase LE and Cubasis LE2 (for iOS), ten free LANDR masters and two free courses and £20 voucher for online audio educators Producertech.

The AT2035-Studio is available in the UK, Germany, France, and Spain and has a recommended retail price of €389 / £335 inc VAT.