SlingStudio Is a Multi-Camera Video Production System

Sling StudioMost video consumers have probably heard of products like the Slingbox, produced by Sling Media. Slingbox has multiple offerings that let people stream video from different sources, including broadcast TV, to almost anywhere in the world. Given its background in developing this consumer-focused technology, it’s only logical that Sling Media would step over the fence into the video-production side.

Sling Media’s first big foray into the production world comes with the recent launch of the SlingStudio:

SlingStudio is the industry’s first affordable, wireless, portable multi-camera production solution that lets users of all skill levels record, monitor and edit four HD video inputs from up to 10 connected cameras and smartphones. SlingStudio can output live video to streaming services like Facebook Live and YouTube, and simultaneously record to a USB hard drive, USB SSD or SD card for post-production.

Sling Media is clearly acknowledging the rise of live-streaming online video, and recognizing the needs of producers who’d like to take their video productions beyond simple, static, one-canera presentations. Not only can SlingStudio ingest multiple video sources like DSLR cameras, video cameras, smartphones, and personal computers, it can also send those multi-cam feeds to platforms like YouTube Live and Facebook Live while making a local recording of those video presentations.

SlingStudio Hub is the central piece to the SlingStudio system and it’s currently priced at $999. Additional accessories for SlingStudio can also be purchased that extend the device’s functionality.