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Neat Microphones Creates Widget Series

Neat Microphones Widget SeriesNeat Microphones has a futuristic, colorful, line of microphones that look like something that would not seem out of place in The Jetsons cartoon. Each one is a little, functional, sculpture. Together, these three visually interesting mics are the Widget Series.

The Widget Series of microphones are uniquely styled, USB ‘plug and play’, high-definition microphones. The three mics look very different from each other, but each uses the same proprietary capsule and circuit design that delivers remarkable sonic character, regardless of the Widget’s shape. These microphones are for podcasters, musicians, or even for people who need to take part in an internet conference call.

Microphone A is the green one with the yellow highlights. Microphone B is the red one with yellow highlights. Microphone C is the blue one with yellow highlights. Each one is a desktop microphone with clear, full-range 96kHz/24 bit audio. Each has a custom capsule, integrated internal pop filter, shockmount, and adjustable height.

All the microphones are easy plug-and-play with either Mac or Windows. These microphones are for use with Skype, conferencing, videos, blogs, voiceovers, music, and more. Gizmodo reports that the Widget Series of mics by Neat Microphones will hit stores like Best Buy, Walmart, and Amazon starting on November 15, 2015, and for a price of $99 each.