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JK Audio’s CellTap 4C is a Compact Solution for Recording Calls

CellTap4CFrom podcast interviews to important personal conversations, there are many reasons why someone might need to record a phone call. But there aren’t many solutions out there that really make the process of call recording simple or practical. Things can be a little easier if you’ve got a bunch of audio gear already, and you just happen to be sitting by it at the time a call happens. But what about those times when you’re mobile or just need a quick call-recording setup? That’s where the new CellTap 4C by JK Audio comes in.

CellTap 4C is an update to its predecessor, simply called CellTap. The new version includes an updated headset jack and a more streamlined design. CellTap 4C has a total of three 3.5mm (mini-plug) connections. Connect the jack marked “Phone” to a cell phone’s headphone jack, connect the “Headset” jack to any headset with a built-in microphone and then connect the “Record” jack to an external device, such as a computer or portable audio recorder. Now, you’ll be able to speak with the caller and record both sides of the phone call (your voice and the caller’s voice) as separate channels on your recording device. (CellTap 4C outputs a stereo signal with each voice panned hard left/right.)

This device could be particularly useful to podcasters who are always looking for new ways to record phone/VoIP interviews. JK Audio was smart in making the output a true two-channel signal, as individual voices can often be unbalanced in single-channel recordings.

CellTap 4C should hit the market this month and is expected to retail for $99.00.