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Doug Wimbish USA Signature Series From Spector

In its nearly 50-year history, the iconic Spector NS bass has been played by legendary bassists on countless recordings and stages. In the brand’s storied history, no bassist has become more synonymous with Spector than Doug Wimbish.

Upon receiving his first Spector NS basses in 1987, Doug has employed these instruments on legendary recordings and performances with the likes of Living Colour, Mick Jagger, Jeff Beck, Annie Lennox, Seal, Depshe Mode, Lee “Scratch” Perry, Madonna, and many many more.

Now, Spector’s USA Custom Shop is proud to debut the Doug Wimbish USA Signature Series. The collection includes a four-string model, the DW-4, and a 5 -string model, the DW-5. Each model has been carefully specified to match the unique properties of Doug’s vintage instruments including unique neck carves, nut widths, pickup locations, and even custom-wound EMG pickups that have been voiced alongside the pickups in Doug’s 1987 Spector instruments.

Experience the sound and feel that inspired Doug’s signature style with the new DW-4 and DW-5 models from the Spector USA Custom Shop.

“Spector took the time to get every little nuance right and that to me is dedication and being thoughtful enough to know “I want to nail it” and you did. I’m able to pick these instruments up for the first time and play them like I’ve already had them for years.” – Doug Wimbish.

Custom Neck Profiles

In the early days, Doug and Stuart went back and forth numerous times, shaving down the neck until it felt just right. In a true one-to-one recreation, the necks of the DW-4 and the DW-5 feature the exact same profiles and thicknesses found on Doug’s ’87 basses. These are the fastest-playing Spector necks yet!

Signature EMG Pickups

These models feature custom EMG pickups meticulously wound to match Doug’s ’87 spec. These pickups not only offer the vintage EMG tone that Spector fans have come to know and love, but also feature the period-correct EMG logo from the late 80’s. These pickups are found exclusively on the Spector DW-4 and DW-5.

Unique Headstock

Doug’s 5-string bass was the ninth 5-string bass that Spector every built. At that time, the headstock design was still being refined into what we know today. We’ve opted to keep this unique design in an effort to offer the most accurate recreation possible. This headstock shape is available exclusively on the Spector DW-5.

Timeless Beauty

Over the years, the finish on Doug’s 5-string has evolved from a brilliant Dark Blue Stain Glass to today’s Faded Natural Gloss. With the DW-5, players can select either the original ’87 Dark Blue Stain Gloss or the aged Faded Natural Gloss finish.