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Fujifilm Wins Gold at the Pentawards 2020

FujiFilm announced that the packaging design for the hybrid instant camera instax mini LiPlay has won the Gold Award in the internationally-prestigious package design competition Pentawards 2020. The company has taken out the Gold Award for the second year running following 2019.

The Penawards, established in 2007, is an internationally-prestigious award that specifically targets package designs. Each year, an international jury panel consisting of 30 people including prominent designers and experienced design directors examine entries of excellent package designs, submitted from around the world, based on judging criteria including design quality, brand expression, creativity and innovation. This year, 56 entries won the Gold Award out of over 2000 entries submitted from more than 60 countries.

The instax mini LiPlay is the hybrid instant camera that features the Sound function. The function converts voice data into a QR code to be printed out together with a picture taken with the camera. The function has taken instax’s unique value – capturing, printing, and sharing a precious moment – to a new level.

The instax mini LiPlay camera is designed to be simple yet elegant while also sporting on-trend looks. The essence of the camera design has been faithfully reflected to its packaging. The award was granted in recognition of the fact that the packaging carries stylized shapes representing the camera design and is applied with an embossed finish, making it stand out in store displays and intuitively conveying the camera’s stylish design features.

In the development of a variety of products and services, Fujifilm pursues fictionally and performance while also striving to achieve a design that takes maximum advantage of functional excellence. The company aims to create new value with designs that not only provide external aesthetics but also facilitates ease of use and portability.

Fujifilm will continue to work on developing excellent products and designs, buoyed by the fact its product has been chosen out of countless entries from around the world to win the Gold Award in Pentawards 2020.

FujiFilm Launches FUJINON Lens XF50mmF1.0 R WR

Fujifilm Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of the FUJINON Lens XF50mmF1.0 R WR (XF50mmF1.0 R WR) in late September 2020 for the X Series of digital cameras, renowned for their outstanding image quality with Fujifilm’s proprietary color reproduction technology. It is the world’s first F1.0 lens with autofocus (AF) capability.

The XF50mmF1.0 R WR is a large-diameter mid-telephoto prime lens with the focal length of 50mm (equivalent to 76mm in the 35mm film format). The maximum aperture of F1.0 produces creamy and beautiful bokeh. Its high-performance AF system can focus on a subject swiftly and accurately, making the subject stand out on a background to create artistic portrait photography. The XF50mmF1.0 R WR is the 35th interchangeable lens for the X Series.

With its large-diameter structure, the XF50mmF1.0 R WR is a prime lens boasting the fastest maximum aperture of F1.0 in the history of interchangeable lenses for Fujifilm’s digital cameras. The use of advanced optical technology controls spherical aberration, thereby capturing pictures with creamy and beautiful bokeh.

The lens is also equipped with a fast and accurate AF mechanism to capture the photographic moment for high-quality portrait photography. Designed based on the compact and lightweight “X Mount system” this ultra-bright F1.0 lens weighs only 845g and measures just 103.5mm for excellent portability. Its dust and weather resistance and ability to operate at temperatures of down to -10℃ makes it highly practical.

With the XF50mmF1.0 R WR joining the extensive lens lineup, Fujifilm offers lenses that cover a broad range of focal lengths to complement photographic pleasure delivered by the X Series.

Fujifilm Launches FUJINON Premista 19-45mm Lens

Fujifilm Corporation announced the development of the wide-angle zoom lens Premista 19-45mmT2.9 (Premista 19-45mm) with a focal length of 19-45mm. It will be the third model to join the Premista Series of zoom lenses for cinema cameras that support large format sensors and deliver outstanding high resolution, natural and beautiful bokeh and rich gradation with HDR (high dynamic range).

The Premista 19-45mm effectively reduces the distortion that tends to occur when shooting at wide-angle focal lengths. A natural image with little distortion is achieved throughout the entire zoom range, lightening the burden of correcting video after shooting and allowing high quality video to be created more efficiently. The Premista 19-45 is scheduled for release in early 2021.

The newly developed Premista19-45mm is a wide-angle zoom lens that covers focal lengths from 19mm to 45mm with a constant T-stop of 2.9. Featuring large-diameter aspherical lens elements and a unique zooming system, the lens achieves an astonishing level of edge-to-edge sharpness. Additionally, the distortion is effectively reduced throughout the entire zoom range even at the widest focal lengths. Furthermore, compact design, an overall length of 230mm and a weight of 3.3kg, and excellent robustness have been achieved.

These were accomplished through mechanical design perfected with simulation technology cultivated over many years and production technology for assembling parts processed in the order of microns with high precision. The new zoom lens can be utilized for handheld shooting using a steadicam 4 or high-angle shooting using a crane. Similar to the standard and telephoto zoom types, the Premista19-45mm supports “ZEISS eXtended Data”, which can record lens metadata 5 when shooting, supporting efficient video production.

Fujifilm will be launching this product in early 2021, expanding both the Premista Series lineup and the shooting range for high-quality video.

Fujifilm Launches Fujifilm Shoe Mount Flash EF-60

Fujifilm Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of Fujifilm Shoe Mount Flash EF-60 (EF-60) in August 2020, adding another accessory for the X Series and GFX Series of digital cameras.

The EF-60 is a compact yet powerful hot-shoe mount flash, offering the maximum guide number of 60. It can be combined with the Fujifilm Wireless Commander EF-W1 (EF-W1), to be released at the same time, to enable wireless off-camera flash operation. This allows users to control lighting with their inspiration to suit a variety of shooting situations for creative photographic effects.

The EF-60 is a compact hot-shoe mount flash measuring 97mm x 73mm and weighing just 300g despite its powerful output with the maximum guide number of 60. The output can be precisely adjusted to add dimensions to various situations with light and shade. The flash can be combined with the EF-W1 to enable wireless off-camera flash operation. This allows users to position the flash beside or behind a main subject to provide lighting from various directions, or synch and fire multiple flash units simultaneously for multi-flash photography, facilitating diverse photographic expression. The flashhead can be manually angled 180 degrees left-to-right and 90 degrees upward so that the light can be bounced off a ceiling or wall to create indirect lighting, which provides natural lights to capture the subject’s facial expressions and the ambience of the scene with greater nuance.

Fujifilm will continue to expand the X and GFX Series of digital cameras and the extensive range of interchangeable lenses as well as camera accessories including the new EF-60 to deliver the joy of photography and photographic pleasure.

Fujifilm Releases FUJINON Lens GF30mmF3.5 WR

Fijifilm Corporation is pleased to announce that it will release the wide-angle prime lens “FUJINON Lens GF30mmF3.5 WR” in late July 2020. It will be a new addition to the lineup of interchangeable GF lenses designed for the GFX Series of mirrorless digital cameras, incorporation the large format sensor, about 1.7 times larger than full-frame 35mm sensor.

The GF30mmF3.5 R WR lens, the 12th GF lens in its lineup, has the maximum aperture of F3.5 and the focal length of 30mm (equivalent to 24mm in the 35mm film format). It realizes ultra-high resolution that captures images in finest detail and compact design that offers excellent portability. Users can carry it everywhere with ease to take high-quality pictures, making it a perfect choice for snapshots in streets and landscape photography at travel destinations.

GF lenses are Fujifilm’s highest-grade lenses that deliver ultra-high resolution performance and wide tonal reproduction. GF lenses use Fujifilm’s exceptional optical design technology and production technology that processes lens surfaces with the precision at a submicron level, fostered through the development of FUJINON Lenses. When mounted on the FUJIFILM GFX100, released in June last year, GF lenses bring out the full performance of its 102MP image sensor, delivering high-quality imagery previously unheard of in the industries by utilizing Fujifilm’s unparalleled color reproduction technology.

The new GF30mmF3.5 R WR lens is optically designed with 13 lens elements in 10 groups, including two aspherical elements and two ED elements to control spherical aberration and chromatic aberration achieving astonishing image sharpness. Its compact design, weighing just 510g and measuring 99.4mm in length, provides excellent portability. In addition, the lens is dust and weather resistant and capable of operation in temperatures down to -10°C, facilitating photography in light rain or in dusty outdoor areas.

These features make GF30mmF3.5 R WR highly reliable equipment suitable for professional photographers. The use of the Inner Focus system enables fast, quiet and highly accurate autofocus (AF). The design also reduces focus breathing to just 0.05%, making the lens perfect for shooting both stills and video.

Fujifilm Develops 2 Broadcast Lenses Capable of 8K UHD Video

Fujifilm corporation is pleased to announce the development of new broadcast zoom lenses FUJINON HP66x15.2-ESM (HP66x15.2) and FUJINON HP12x7.6ERD-S9” (HP12x7.6), capable of producing dynamic 8K ultrahigh-definition (UHD) video.

The HP66x15.2 is a box type zoom lens reaching the world’s longest focal length of 1000mm and offering the world’s highest zoom magnification of 66x. The HP12x7.6 is a portable type zoom lens covering the focal length range from the world’s widest 7.6mm to 91mm in telephoto. The HP66x15.2 and the HP12x7.6 are due to be released in the summer of 2020 and the fall of 2020 respectively.

Fujifilm will continue to leverage its optical technologies, fostered at the forefront of video production, to further expand its lineup of high-performance broadcast lenses, including lenses compatible with 8K broadcast cameras, and lead the broadcast equipment industry.

Today, the use of high-definition video is spreading globally, especially in live sports coverage and documentary programs. Ultra-high definition (UHD) video at 4K and 8K is expected to proliferate even further, with Japan launching the “new 4K/8K satellite broadcasting” in December 2018 and China accelerating its move to adopt 8K broadcasts. Amidst these trends, there are growing needs for high-performance video equipment compatible with 4K and 8K. Recording 8K video, which has four times the resolution of 4K video, requires lenses with an exceptionally advances optical performance.

Fujifilm has taken its advanced optical technology, fostered over many years, to develop 8K-compatible broadcasting lens in 2011. Since then, the company has expanded its lineup to the industry.

Fujifilm Launches FUJINON UA107x8.4BESM AF Broadcast Lens

Fujifilm Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of the FUJINON UA107x8.4BESM AF (UA107x8.4 AF), the world’s first 4K compatible broadcast lens that incorporates the AF function, in March 2020.

The UA107x8.4 AF is a box-type broadcast lens that delivers outstanding capability for tracking a moving subject and a fast and accurate auto-focus with AF speed as fast as 0.5 seconds. The lens’s ultra-high 107 x zoom ratio covering focal lengths from 8.4mm to 900mm and the use of a unique optical image stabilization mechanism allow users to accurately capture a distant moving subject and produce premium-quality video with minimal camera shake in live coverage of sporting or music events.

The UA107x8.4 AF is an epoch-making product that brings innovation to video production with its capability to record high-quality 4K video with ease of use and comfort.

Highlights of the UA107x8.4 AF:

  •  The UA107x8.4 AF uses a phase-detection AF sensor and its dedicated algorithm, developed with technologies that Fujifilm has fostered with its X and GFX Series of mirrorless digital cameras. The fast and accurate autofocus with AF speed as fast as 0.5 seconds gives the lens an outstanding subject-tracking performance. The advanced AF performance becomes evident when the users see the clarity of video in slow-motion replay, which tends to highlight focusing accuracy.
  •  The lens achieves a 107x zoom ratio covering focal lengths from 8.4mm in wide angle and 900mm in ultra-telephoto, and is equipped with a unique optical image stabilization mechanism, making it impossible to accurately capture a distant moving subject and still produce stable video with minimal motion blur.
  •  The use of cutting-edge optical technology delivers vivid color reproduction and high contrast, creating rich tonal gradation based on high dynamic range (HDR).

Fujifilm Introduces the Mirrorless Digital Camera FUJIFILM X-Pro3

Fujifilm Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of the FUJIFILM X-Pro3 (X-Pro3) in late November 2019, as the latest flagship model for the X-Series lineup of compact and lightweight mirrorless digital cameras that deliver outstanding image quality with Fujifilm’s proprietary color reproduction technology.

The X-Pro3 is the first Fujifilm camera to use strong yet lightweight titanium to achieve advanced portability and durability, making it easier than ever to enjoy photography with premium image quality.

The X-Pro3 comes in “Black”, which features premium-quality coating for dignified appearance, as well as “DR Black” and “DR Silver,” which have the Duratect coating applied to deliver strong resistance against scratches while achieving highly refined exterior appearance, thereby expanding the appeal of the X-Pro3.

The new X-Pro3 is an exceptionally portable and durable mirrorless digital camera that has a magnesium-alloy interior, which is covered with lightweight, robust and corrosion-resistant titanium on the exterior to achieve premium quality design, bringing out the beautiful tone and texture of titanium to the maximum.

The X-Pro 3 has the “Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder,” the world’s only viewfinder that can be switched between optical viewfinder (OVF) and electronic viewfinder (EVF). The EVF uses a bright and high-resolution 3.69-million-dot organic EL panel for enhanced visibility. The camera also features the back-illuminated 26.1MP “X-Trans CMOS 4” sensor and the “X-Processor 4” high-speed processing engine.

Also, evolved algorithm enables the camera to realize fast and accurate phase-detection AF at the minimum luminance of -6EV, which is close to pitch darkness. Fujifilm’s Simulation function has been added with the new “CLASSIC Neg” mode, simulating color negative film traditionally chosen for snapshots of day-to-day scenes, so that users can enjoy high-quality photo with versatile tonal variations.

FujiFilm Won Good Design Awards 2019 for 32 Products

FujiFilm Corporation President Kenji Sukeno is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the Good Design Award 2019, organized by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion, for products in a wide range of business fields including the X Series and GFX Series of digital cameras, ASTALIFT series of cosmetics products and endoscopy systems. The company has won the Award for 32 products, the largest number awarded companies this year and also a record number Fujifilm has ever won.

In addition, five products, including the binoculars FUJINON TECHNO-STABI TS-X 1440, ultrasound equipment iViz air, and FUJIFILM PROJECTOR Z5000 have been selected for the Good Design Best 100.

In developing a wide range of products and services, Fujifilm has pursued a high level of functionality and performance, while working on developing designs that bring out the full potential of excellent functionality. The company strives to create new product value by pursuing not only exterior design aesthetics but also exploring designs that facilitate ease of use and operability.

Amidst its pursuit for design excellence as a key product value, Fujifilm has managed to win the Good Design Award for 32 of its products, the highest number won among the awarded companies. Encouraged by this achievement, the company will continue to work on developing outstanding products.

Some of Fujifilm’s products that won the Good Design Award 2019 include:

  • Hybrid instant camera instax mini LiPlay
  • Mirrorless digital camera FUJIFILM X-T30
  • Mirrorless digital camera FUJIFILM X-A7
  • Mirrorless digital camera FUJIFILM GFX 100
  • Interchangeable lens for digital camera X series FUJINON LENS XF16-80mmF4 OIS WR
  • Interchangeable lens for digital camera X series FUJINON LENS XF16mmF2.8 R WR
  • Interchangeable lens for digital camera GFX series FUJINON LENS GF50mmF3.5 LM WR
  • EVF tilt adapter for digital camera GFX series EVF-TL1
  • Standard zoom cinema lens FUJINON Premista28-100mmT2.9
  • Broadcast portable zoom lens FUJINON UA18.x7.6BERD / UA23x7.6BERD
  • Broadcast portable zoom lens FUJINON LA16xBRM
  • Focus position demand unit FUJINON EPD-41A-D02 for broadcast portable lens
  • Zoom Rate Demand Unit FUJINON ERD-40A-D01 for broadcast portable lens

Fujifilm Introduced Stylish FUJIFILM X-A7 Camera

Fujifilm announced that it will launch the FUJIFILM X-A7 in Autumn 2019. It is a new addition to the X Series of compact and lightweight mirrorless digital cameras that deliver outstanding image quality with the company’s unique color reproduction technology.

Weighing just 320g, stylish X-A7 carries a newly-developed 24.24MP APS-C sensor to deliver premium image quality with the company’s proprietary color reproduction technology. The sensor uses copper wiring to enable high-speed data readout, and features phase detection pixels across the entire sensor surface to enhance AF speed and accuracy. This enables AF tracking of a moving subject as well as Face / Eye detection AF with ease. The camera also records smooth 4K/30fps video and high-speed video, catering to the ever-growing need for high-quality video for use in Vlog and other media.

The camera has a large 3.5-inch LCD monitor with the maximum luminous intensity of approx. 1,000 candelas to guarantee intuitive operability on the rear panel. Furthermore, this is the first X Series model that features a “vari-angle” monitor that users can adjust to any angles. It can be used in conjunction with the Portrait Enhancer Mode for self-portraits of advanced quality.

The X-47 is a perfect choice for those who want to upgrade their photography from smartphone pictures, offering a broad range of applications from casual snapshots of everyday scenes to travel photography and full-fledged photographic creations.

Main Features:

  • Newly-developed image sensor delivering premium image quality and outstanding AF performance
  • A stylish camera body weighing just 320g and capable of shooting approx. 440 frames per charge
  • Enhanced video recording functions
  • Bright and large rear panel LCD monitor for excellent operability
  • Diverse shooting modes to facilitate your photographic creativity
  • Reinforced connectivity and connection stability with smartphones and tablet devices