Behringer Parent Company acquires TC Group

Behringer LogoMusic Group, the parent company of audio gear manufacturer Behringer, has acquired TC Group, an audio hardware/software manufacturer. This move bringss the brands of Tannoy, Lab Gruppen, Lake, TC Electronics, TC Helicon and TC Applied Technologies into the Music Group fold, along with Behringer, Midas, Klark Teknik and Turbosound.

Music Group has recently made big investments in upgrading its manufacturing facilities. It’s likely that the company made this acquisition to improve its service and support of the professional A/V market, including venues and touring productions. Also, many of TC Group’s products are complementary to those that Music Group (and specifically Behringer) is already producing. The two companies are known for their audio processing and production devices as well as electric guitar and voice enhancement products.

This move would seem to be further proof that Music Group’s trajectory is on the rise. For years, Behringer, the company’s flagship brand, carried a bad reputation. Its products were often seen as cheap, inferior toys when compared to other brands. Many critics claimed that Behringer’s products were just ripoffs of superior gear made by companies like Mackie or DBX. A few years ago, Behringer went on a mission to try and reverse the company’s negative perception. Since then, Behringer has worked hard to improve its products and they even turned a skeptic like me around as I now own a couple of their rack-mounted processors.

The news of this acquisition is further proof that Music Group is headed in the right direction.