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Sienna Releases WebCam for NDI

Sienna NDIWe’ve written about Network Device Interface (NDI) before, the protocol developed by Newtek that makes it possible to send HD video over networked connections. Newtek has encouraged widespread adoption of NDI by releasing the protocol under free, open-source terms. This has allowed the video production community to find different uses for NDI, and Sienna has the latest development in NDI-compatible software.

Sienna recently released WebCam for NDI, an application that allows users to work with macOS-based webcams over NDI connections:

This unique app turns your macOS Webcam into a powerful network camera, using the NDI IP Video Protocol.

Simply launch the app,select your camera and a new NDI service will be registered on your network.

Now you can select WebCam for NDI from any NDI compatible receiver, such as NewTek TriCaster Advanced edition and use the mac’s Camera as a high quality network video and audio source.

WebCam for NDI is low latency and high quality and adds a convenient way to connect things like MacBook iSight Cameras into your production mix .

WebCam for NDI requires a solid network connection, as NDI can use a lot of bandwidth. WebCam for NDI is compatible with many popular webcams, including the Logitech C920 and Apple iSight cameras. WebCam for NDI also supports AVFoundation compatible devices.

WebCam for NDI is available as a $39.99 purchase from the Mac App Store.

Sienna Automation Production Control Compatible with NewTek IP Series

Sienna Automation Production ControlSienna, makers of broadcast automation for News and Sport announced compatibility between their Sienna MOS driven Automation Production Control system and NewTek’s IP Series vision mixer.

Sienna is used by many globally recognized broadcasters including the BBC, Associated Press, and Televisa. Support for NewTek’s ground breaking IP Series brings Sienna’s world-class capabilities to a new audience, at a dramatically reduced price point. Sienna’s extensive TriCaster integration brings full automatic production control within the reach of any news or sports broadcaster.

“IP Series is a revolutionary IP based vision mixer with great support for legacy SDI workflows”, said Mark Gilbert, CTO Gallery SIENNA. “We are proud to announce support in Sienna Automation for IP Series and we look forward to enabling fully automated IP driven workflows for news and sports stations embracing these important changes in the broadcast landscape.”

Automation Production Control
Sienna forms a sophisticated media asset management, edit integration and automation layer between TriCaster and MOS newsroom systems including ENPS, Inception, iNews, Octopus, and OpenMedia. With the NCS, producers can prepare a very complex news bulletin, including packages, vision mixer operations, virtual set camera moves, audio mixing, and on screen graphics.

This rundown is then driven step by step in the Sienna AutomationX live-asset system controlling TriCaster. Works with: TriCaster Mini, TriCaster 8000, TriCaster 860, TriCaster 460, and TriCaster 410.