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Sennheiser’s MKE 2 Matches Audio to GoPro HERO 4 Videos

Sennheiser points out that we can record extraordinarily vivid films on our actions cams. The audio, however, is often ordinary. That has changed!

Audio specialist Sennheiser has launched the MKE 2 elements microphone. Thanks to its innovative and windproof and waterproof design, the new microphone for GoPro HERO4 Black and Silver cameras lets you capture incredible, high-quality sound even in the most demanding conditions.

The Sennheiser MKE 2 elements is the first microphone to be GoPro-verified for seamless operation with the GoPro HERO4. And just like an ultra-rugged GoPro camera in its protective housing, the new mic has been specifically designed to be tough enough to go virtually anywhere, and easily withstand conditions such as water, wind and snow.

Rugged, waterproof, and uniquely capable of the elements, the MKE 2 elements can take on virtually anything GoPro users throw at it – even activities like surfing, climbing or mountain biking. It is based on a professional Sennheiser miniature microphone design that has been enhance to make it nearly immune to snow, water, ice, and wind, with an elastic suspension cutting out structure-borne noise.

It comes with a robust dedicated back cover for the GoPro HERO4 that ensures seamless, easy operation and a rock-solid waterproof connection with the camera housing. Further proof from the elements is provided by a special foam windshield that, unlike a conventional foam or hairy shield, continues to reduce wind noise for clear sound even when it gets wet.

The MKE 2 elements action mic for GoPro HERO4 Black and Silver cameras will be available starting April 24, 2017. Get ready for your next adventure!

Sennheiser Unveils MKE 440 Camera Microphone at NAB 2016

Sennheiser MKE 440 cameraSennheiser is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of headphones, microphones and wireless transmission systems. They have unveiled their new MKE 440 camera microphone at NAB 2016. It is a stereo camera that was designed to solve a typical challenge encountered by DSLR users: capturing focused stereo sound from the filmed object.

DSLR filmmakers have always had a hard time getting good sound from their camera-mounted stereo microphone. The new MKE 440 achieves this task, thanks to two mini-shotgun microphones and a new stereo technique, it records the sound from within the camera angle, beating any mini AB, MS or XY arrangements.

The two mini-shotguns of the MKE 440 are mounted in a V-shape arrangement that predominantly picks up the sound from within the direction of filming and rejects the majority of off-axis noise from outside the camera focus. The microphones are shock-mounted internally to reduce any handling noise and are protected against wind by a stainless steel micro-mesh. For strong wind, a special hairy cover is available as an accessory.

The compact, all-metal MKE 440 attaches to standard camera shoe mounts. It features a three-level sensitivity switch to adjust to softer and louder sources and has a switchable low-cut filter to eliminate low-frequency noise such as high wind noise.

The microphone is powered by two AAA size batteries, with the green LED of the on/off switch doubling as a low-batt indicator. The LED will turn red approximately four hours before the batteries run flat, ensuring sufficient time to finish shooting.

The MKE 440 will be available from June 2016. Visit Sennheiser and Neumann at booth N5729 at NAB.

Sennheiser Launched EK 6042 Two-Channel Camera Receiver at NAB 2016

Sennheiser EK 6042Sennheiser is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of headphones, microphones, and wireless transmission systems. They launched their brand-new EK 6042 slot-in camera receiver at NAB 2016. This is the first time it has been launched in the United States. (It was previewed earlier at IBC).

The EK 6042 two-channel camera receiver can work with analogue and digital Sennheiser transmitters or – a world first – a mix thereof, across a bandwidth of 184 MHz. It is an ideal partner to Sennheiser’s top-of-the-range Digital 9000 series and all analogue transmitters that feature HiDyn plus or HDX companders. The EK 6042 auto-configures for these transmitters via IR, saving set-up time and hassle for broadcast and filming crews who place a high value on sound quality and wireless reliability.

The EK 6042 will work with any current Sennheiser series from Digital 9000 in long-range mode, to the 5000/3000, and even the 2000 and evolution wireless G3, automatically identifying the transmitter via an IR link.

The camera receiver will choose its own operating mode accordingly, and automatically select the appropriate bandwidth and frequency in the UHF range between 470 and 654 MHz. Even older series transmitters such as the venerable SK 50 and SK 240 can be used, all that needs to be done is to enter the fixed transmitter frequencies via the receiver’s web interface.

Via its USB connector, the EK 6042 can be connected to PC or Mac platforms and configured via the browser. There is no need to install any software. For example, users can enter transmitter profiles and lists of managed or licensed frequencies, and also import or export data.

Two separately available adaptors (15-pin and 25-pin) ensure compatibility with all common camera brands. For example, the EK 6042 receiver is SuperSlot-compatable and works seamlessly with Sound Devices equipment. The same goes for ARRI, Panasonic (both Unislot) and Sony cameras.

For camcorders without an audio receiver slot, the EK 6042 can be camera mounted using a special backpanel adaptor, which is available as an accessory. The EK 6042 also features an auxiliary output on its top, which can be used for feeding audio externally to Sony cameras or for splitting the audio to any other device.

The new EK 6042 camera receiver will be available from June 2016. Visit Sennheiser and Neumann at booth N5729 at NAB 2016.

Sennheiser and Apogee Partner to Offer MK 4 Digital for USB and iOS

mk4digitalSennheiser is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of headphones, microphones and wireless transmission systems.

Apogee Electronics designs and manufacturers award-winning audio recording solutions that are amazing. The two companies have partnered to offer MK 4 digital USB for iOS.

Sennheiser will preview the new digital version of its MK 4 at prolight+sound in Frankfurt. The MK 4 is one of the audio specialist’s most popular recording mics. With high-quality Apogee A/D conversion and mic preamp technology, MK 4 digital connects directly to iOS devices, Mac and PC computers.

The large-diaphragm MK4 digital is the ideal partner for any mobile recording task requiring great sound quality with the typical warmth and detail of a true condenser microphone. The MK 4 digital is a must-have microphone for the home studio and in mobile recording, whether in the rehearsal room or on the road. It is delivered complete with a USB cable and a Lightning iOS cable for connecting to iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch as well as a microphone clamp and a pouch.

The microphone can be used with common media production programs such as Logic Pro X, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Pro Tools or Ableton Live and iOS recording apps such as GarageBand and Apogee MetaRecorder. The MK 4 digital will become available from summer 2016.

Visit Sennheiser and Neumann at prolight+sound, Hall 4.1, Stand No. D11.

Sennheiser and Apogee Launch Digital Clip-On Mics at NAB 2015

Sennheiser Apogee clip on micSennheiser and Apogee have teamed up to create new digital clip-on microphones that help you to capture sound professionally. They are great for journalists who need an easy solution for field interviews, lecturers that want to record a talk, or a parent who wants to record their child reading out loud.

ClipMic digital and MKE 2 digital combine Apogee’s A/D conversion expertise with Sennheiser’s microphone design knowledge to give users optimum sound quality for their recordings. They are especially designed for iOS devices. Both microphones feature a Lightning connector to directly connect to iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, thus creating high-quality, ultra portable solutions for recording speech.

Analog clip-on microphones require a mic pre-amp and audio interface to be able to record the signal. While all iOS devices are equipped with a built-in analog input and mic pre-amp, they are optimized for telephone calls and not professional quality audio recording. Apogee’s award-winning mic pre-amp and A/D conversion circuitry are built into ClipMic digital and MKE 2 digital. This gives users maximum gain with minimal noise. The A/D converter provides a resolution of up to 24bit/96kHz.

The Sennheiser/Apogee digital clip-on microphones plug directly into the Lightning adaptor on the iOS device. The headset socket can be used to monitor the audio that is being recorded.

Apogee’s MetaRecorder app is the perfect companion to ClipMic digital and MKE 2 digital. The MetaRecorder is the first audio recording app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to offer intuitive multi-take recording, tagging, and file organization for any field recording scenario. MetaRecorder features 24 bit/96kHZ recording quality plus software control of the mic input level and recording presets.

After you are done recording and adding metadata tags like Keywords, Favorites, and Markers, share the recorded audio and Final Cut Pro XML files to Dropbox directly from MetaRecorder. When imported into Final Cut Pro on a Mac, the captured metadata greatly simplifies the process of organizing and parsing your media. This makes post-production workflow go much faster.

The MKE 2 features a high maximum sound pressure level and superior signal-to-noise ratio. This clip-on microphone is fitted with Sennheiser’s Umbrella diaphragm. An acoustically inactive membrane stretches across the active acoustical diaphragm, impeding moisture ingress into the high-preforming acoustics of the capsule.

Essential features of MetaRecorder can be controlled from Apple Watch – start and stop recording, add a take to Favorites, add Markers or set your microphone input level.

Visit Sennheiser at Booth # C2055 at NAB 2015.

Sennheiser Launches AVX Wireless Microphone Systems for Video Cameras at NAB 2015

Sennheiser is launching its new lineup of AVX wireless microphone systems for video cameras at NAB 2015. AVX microphones allow journalists, filmmakers, and videographers to effortlessly capture high-quality audio for all their creative needs.

Each AVX system comes with everything you need to get started. The compact AVX receiver plugs directly into a camera’s XLR connector and automatically pairs with the camera and the microphone, and it even turns on and off with the camera to reduce battery drainage. The system automatically adjusts audio levels to best suit the recording conditions and transmits the data via a designated license-free 1.9 gHz link. In the event of interference, AVX will automatically switch to a new frequency.

AVX is equipped with adapted transmitting power, so the system uses only the power needed to maintain a reliable connection between the receiver and the microphone. This means that in addition to maintaining a stable link, AVX also minimizes battery power consumption. The AVX transmitter conveniently displays the amount of battery life remaining so you can easily gauge how much time until it needs to be charged. The AVX receiver and transmitter run on lithium-ion batteries that can be charged via USB.

AVX systems also include an XLR-3/mini-jack adaptor cable and mounting accessories to allow compatibility with DSLRs with jack audio input.

AVX can be purchased in three different sets: with a handheld transmitter and evolution microphone head; with a bodypack transmitter and ME 2 clip-on microphone; and in a special professional edition with a bodypack transmitter and an MKE 2 clip-on microphone. For customers in the USA, there is a special combo pack which includes both the bodypack and handheld transmitters and an MMD 42 microphone head. All components (plus additional accessories) are available for purchase separately so users can create their own custom AVX system.

Visit Sennheiser at booth C2055 at NAB 2015.