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Moniker Guitars Introduced the Rival Series

Moniker Guitars has introduced the Rival Series. This series of guitars is being built in Austin, Texas. They can rival any other guitar on the market on tone, feel, and price.

The Rival guitars has a maple body with a matching maple neck. That’s the same wood Moniker users on the necks of their Custom Series guitars.

Maple is a hard wood and so it’s typically bright and heavy. To offset the weight, we’re making a thinner body. To add mid range, bass and resonance, as well as further reduce weight, we’re cutting cavities or chambers into the body. The chambered body adds more warmth to the tone.

To add color to the Rival guitars, Moniker enlarged the pickguard to cover almost the whole body of the guitar. They also inlaid the acrylic faceplate into the body of the guitar to keep the appearance smooth and clean. The guitars are sprayed with a satin top coat that is smooth and not sticky like gloss.

The Rival guitars come in the following colors: black, cream, grey, peach, and seafoam. Choose any of those colors for the faceplate, and the headstock will match.

Choose from the following pickup sets:
* SSL-5 Staggered Strat Set
* Quarter Pounder Tele Set
* Antiquity Duo-Sonic Set
* Lipstick Set
* Phat Cat P90 Set
* Hot Rodded Humbucker Set

The pre-order pricing starts at just $875 (for a limited time only). The Moniker website says seven weeks is the current estimated number of weeks for custom builds to arrive at your door.

Moniker Guitars Offers New Step Headstock

Moniker StepTexas-based Moniker Guitars is like a dream-come-true for guitar enthusiasts. The company allows guitarists to custom design guitars online. Body shape, pickups, paint job, and more can be selected with the click of a button. Then, on-site artisans get to work, building those custom guitars by hand.

Moniker Guitars already offers plenty of options for players looking for a customized instrument. And the company recently expanded those offerings with the introduction of what it’s calling the Step headstock:

We’re excited to announce a new headstock shape… We’re calling it the “Step” due to the way the 3-D design steps down towards the bottom edge of the headstock.

The main color of the headstock will continue around the sides of the headstock and down the back of the neck. The “step” portion will have its own color which will continue as a binding stripe around the top edge of the headstock.

Moniker admits on its website that guitar players may have seen this design from other instrument manufacturers. But Moniker’s Step headstock is different from other brands because it offers the ability for designers to have two paint colors on the headstock, instead of just one:

…the fun part about our version is the ability to choose the two colors that make up the headstock. In the configurator, the primary color will be selected using the “Headstock” category. The step portion of the headstock can be customized under the “HS Step” category.

Moniker Guitars range in price, depending on individual customization requirements. Moniker’s online guitar building tool is free to use and available for everyone to try.