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Eventide has Introduced the Elevate Mastering Bundle 1.5

Eventide has introduced the Elevate Mastering Bundle 1.5. It includes two new plug-ins.

Eventide says this is your last chance to upgrade to the Elevate Bundle for $99. The regular price is $149. Don’t have the Elevate Mastering Bundle yet? It is on sale now for $139.

The two new plug in are: Saturate and Punctuate.

Saturate is a spectral clipper plug-in for mixing or mastering. It adds up to 24dB of drive with a variable CLIPPER SHAPE parameter that moves from a pleasant soft curve to full hard clipping. Unique spectral processing maintains the tonal balance of the distorted signal, no matter how hard it is pushed. Saturate automatically compensates output level based on the DRIVE control or, alternatively, allows this to be controlled manually.

Punctuate is a transient emphasis plug-in also useful for mixing or mastering. It offers up to 26 auditory bands of TRANSIENT EMPHASIS or suppression while its unique ADAPTIVE TRANSIENT and ADAPTIVE LENGTH controls allow algorithms to tailor each band’s transient shaper to what the listener’s ear wants to hear. Customizable parameters for each band also allow users to tweak the result, if needed.

Elevate is the most advanced mastering plug-in ever created. This unique multi-band limiter, human-ear EQ and powerful audio maximizer will increase the loudness of your mix while maintaining or improving its dynamic perception. It uses intelligent, adaptive technology that responds in real time to your music; creating not only the loudest, but the best sounding master.

Features include:

  • Analyzes and alters the gain, speed and transients of each filter band in real time
  • Includes presets by:APS Mastering, Matt Lange, Jeremy Lubsey, Eric Beam, ROCAsound, Chris Tabron, and John McCaig
  • Automatically adapts the attack, release and look-ahead parameters for each filter band to greatly reduce “pumping” and breathing artifacts and perceived distortion.
  • Preserves or emphasizes fast transients to avoid squashing your mix
  • Manipulates transients across the critical bands to preserve the attacks from kick drums, snares, and cymbals, without affecting the entire mix
  • Uses liner phase auditory filters – based on the Mel Scale – to manipulate the audio in a way that is natural to your inner ear
  • Solo the output of one band (or a number of bands) to hone in on problem frequencies, tweak transients or alter gain
  • Use the Audio Output Level feature to compare the limited signal to non-limited signals with the same amount of gain allowing you to easily hear what impact the processing is having on your sound
  • Use the Spectral Clipper to overdrive the final output without affecting the tonal balance or allowing the signal to get “tubby”. Perfect for a more aggressive sound
  • Six different types of metering allow you to keep an eye on every aspect of your output audio

Sony Introduces the 400mm F2.8 Master Prime Lens

Sony, a leader in digital imaging and the world’s largest image sensor manufacturer, has introduced the highly anticipated FE 400mm F2.8 GM OSS large aperture super-telephoto prime lens.

Sony’s new FE 400mm F2.9 GM OSS lens is the first large aperture super-telephoto prime to join the E-mount lineup. It produces brilliant image quality with extraordinary focusing speed and precision, while also boasting the lightest weight in its class and an extremely balanced design. It is a perfect complement to Sony’s extensive lineup of high-speed E-mount bodies.

Weighing in at only slightly more than 6 lbs., the new FE 400mm F2.8 GM OSS lens provides a level of portability and handheld maneuverability that has never before been achieved in a lens of its class.

The remarkably light weight of this lens is achieved through an innovative optical design that includes three fluorite elements, with a reduced number of elements deployed at the front of the barrel, as well as the liberal usage of durable magnesium alloy components.

To best take advantage of the rapidly evolving shooting and focusing speeds of Sony’s latest cameras, the FE 400mm F2.8 GM OSS lens features two newly developed high-speed XD Linear Motors that drive the lens’s focus group, achieving up to a 5x improvement in moving-subject tracking performance.

These motors are supported by specially developed motion algorithms to minimize lag and instability, and control noise levels, resulting in exceptionally quick, accurate and quiet autofocus performance. This allows the lens to capture dynamic, fast-moving athletes or wildlife with ease.

The new FE 400mm F2.8 GM OSS is compatible with Sony’s 1.4x and 2.0x E-mount tele-converters, producing outstanding imaging performance at extended focal lengths while maintaining fast, precise AF performance.

The FE 400mm F2. GM OSS includes a drop-in filter slot that accepts a ø 40.5mm ND and other filter types, as well as the optional VF-DCPL1 Drop-in Circular Polarizing Filter. The VF-DCPL1 filter can be rotated to achieve the desired polarization while installed in the lens.

The new FE 400mm F2.8 GM OSS large aperture super-telephoto prime lens (model SEL400F28GM) will ship in September for about $12,000 US and $16,250 CA. The optional Drop-in Circular Polarizing Filter (model VF-DCPL1) will ship in December for about $400 US and $550 CA.

Accusonus Released the ERA Bundle

Accusonus has updated their existing tools and released their brand new ERA Plug-Ins. They are offering a free trial on their ERA Bundle.

Whether you are just starting out, or you’re a seasoned pro, you often need to fix common audio problems. Say hello to the ERA Bundle and experience the next generation of audio repair technology. Use a single knob to clean up your sound in seconds and focus on the creative part of your work.

The ERA Bundle includes:

Noise Remover: Use the ERA Noise Remover to easily reduce or completely remove unwanted fans, air-conditioners, electric hum & hiss or any other background noise. It’s as simple as turning a single knob.

Reverb Remover: Reverb is the unavoidable result of room acoustics. It can make your audio sound distant, “echoey” or hollow. Get the single-knob ERA Reverb Remover to quickly reduce excessive reverb and bring your sound into focus. Add clarity, clean up your dialogue or tighten up your musical performance.

De-Esser: Harsh sibilance can be very annoying both in dialogue and vocal recordings. The ERA De-Esser is an easy-to-use single-knob plugin that allows you to smooth out audio problems caused by excessive sibilance consonants (such as “s”, “z”, “ch”, “j” and “sh”).

Plosive Remover: Plosives (or p-pops) usually occur due to non-ideal microphone placement and can sound really distracting. Turn the knob of the ERA Plosive Remover to instantly fix unnatural plosive thumps (such as “p”, “t” and “b”). Make your vocal and dialogue tracks sound great!

You can download the installers on the Accusonus website. It is available for MacOs and Windows. Or, you can get installers via email.

If you like it, you can buy it on sale between now and July 31, 2018. It is usually sold for $236 – but is being offered for $99 for a limited time.

MixerFace R4 Starts Shipping in July

CEntrance was founded in 2000. It develops, licenses and distributes cutting-edge audio products worldwide. They are the creators of MixerFace R4, which will start shipping in July of 2018.

MixerFace R4 is instantly ready to capture your audio, anywhere, anytime – the moment inspiration hits.

Set an R4 on your coffee table, aim the tiny stereo mics (optional from CEntrance), hit the onboard red record button and you’re capturing … it’s that easy. Or, plug it into your phone or tablet and launch your favorite recording app. MixerFace will serve as your professional Mobile Recording Interface.

MixerFace has 2 XLR inputs with 48v phantom power to accommodate any high-end condenser. The custom designed Jasmine Mic Pres deliver a world class signal, designed to capture every nuance of the performance.

Because the R4 has a high capacity rechargeable internal battery, no wall plug is needed. The battery will work for 8 hours before needing a refill and your standard USB charger will charge it. It’s the internal battery that allows MixerFace to provide true 48v phantom and lets it work with a phone or tablet without wall power.

MixerFace R4 has two Neutrik combo inputs which accommodate microphones line level instruments, guitars or bases. You can plug your guitar straight in. R4 also has an Auxiliary stereo input that can be conveniently mixed in, right on the top panel. R4 can work as a Mixer even if you’re not using it to record.

Key Features:

  • High Dynamic Range Jasmine Mic Press offer plenty of clean gain
  • Professional series A/D converters deliver high quality, on the go
  • Adjustable ZLM, Hi-Z inputs and Low-Cut filters let you cover all bases
  • Custom AmpExtreme headphone amp offers clarity, detail and volume
  • Aux input lets you mix in a stereo source for practice or performance
  • Works with Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and most phones and tablets
  • Works with most smart phone and tablet recording apps
  • Lithium-Polymer battery plays for a full session without refill
  • Balanced, Unbalanced, and Headphone outputs for true versatility
  • Two versions are available: with and without the internal backup recorder

Line 6 Introduced Spider V 20

Line 6 has introduced the Spider V 20. It is the ideal practice amp for any guitarist. The compact Spider V 20 amp offers great sounds right out of the box, as well as easy-to-use controls for dialing in your own tones.

Spider V 20 is a 20-watt amp with an 8” speaker featuring 16 onboard presets, 3 simultaneous effects, and an independent reverb.

The Spider V 20 amp sounds great right out of the box. Whether playing though one of the 16-tonally diverse presets, or dialing in personalized tones with the easy-to-use controls, Spider V 20 is the ideal practice amp for any guitarist.

Each preset contains three effects that can be switched in and out stomp-box using the dedicated FX buttons on the front panel, and turning the independent Reverb knob adds atmosphere and depth to your sound. Tap in delay times and effect modulation rates with the Tap/Tuner button, or press and hold it to access the onboard turner.

A micro USB port makes it easy to connect the Spider V 20 to your Mac, or PC, or iOS and Android device, where you can edit your tones via the free Spider V Remote app, or record your performances with the included Steinberg Cubase LE DAW.

Features include:

  • 20 watts
  • 8” speaker
  • 16 diverse onboard presets may be customized using Spider V Remote
  • 3 simultaneous effects and independent reverb
  • 200+ amps, cabs, and effects – accessible with Spider V Remote
  • Acoustic Guitar and Bass presets included
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Onboard tuner and tap-tempo
  • USB interface and free Spider V Remote amp

Steinberg has a Summer Sale on Cubasis

Steinberg has a mission to provide technologically advanced music and media production products for musicians and producers of music, video, and film. Right now, they are having a Summer Sale on their Cubasis app.

Cubasis, our music production app for the iPad, has just received an update. Cubasis 2.5 adds user-requested features and enhancements to our award-winning mobile music production app…

This point update comes with true native-resolution support for iPad Pro 10.5” and 12.9” devices, delivering very sharp and detailed graphics and text alongside a considerable increase in the number of tracks visible within the arranger and mixer.

Cubiasis can now replace the pre-loaded channel strip and StudipEQ plug-ins available per track with other effects chosen by the user. Factor in the user-requested improvements and fixes, and Cubasis 2.5 provides the best possible performance together with utmost stability.

You can purchase Cubasis together with its Waves Plug-in Bundle at 50% off during Steinberg’s Summer Sale. The Summer Sales offer ends on July 10, 2018.

Eventide PowerMAX Now Available for Preorder

Eventide Audio announced that their PowerMAX is now available for preorder. You can preorder it from the Eventide website and they will ship your order in August of 2018.

PowerMax is a state-of-the-art Universal power supply (90-265V) which can be used worldwide. Ultra-low noise, compact and lightweight power solution for your pedalboard. It delivers 42 Watts of power capable of powering up seven high current pedals, each switchable to 9, 12, 15, or 18V plus a USB output to charge your smartphone or tablet.

PowerMAX mounts easily to Pedaltrain or Templeboard pedalboards with the included screws and template. Less than half the size and weight of the PowerFactor 2, the PowerMAX is only 1” high and adds only one pound to your pedalboard and comes with a full five-year warranty.

PowerMAX is also expandable with the Cioks 4 to add more outlets.

QSC Adds Automatic Microphone Mixing to TouchMX-30 Pro

QSC announced the addition of Automatic Microphone Mixing (Auto Mix) to the company’s popular TouchMix-30 Pro digital mixer.

Providing two independent processors available to all of the mixer’s 24 Mic/Line inputs, the easy-to-configure and use Auto Mix function delivers advanced gain sharing capabilities to audio professionals for applications such as conferences, presentations, panel discussions and theatrical sound reinforcement.

Its 34 mixing channels (24 Mic/Line, Stereo USB) and 16 outputs offer tremendous signal management flexibility for a wide range of applications while advanced features such as class-A microphone preamps, Anti-Feedback and Room Turning Wizards, two real-time analyzers (RTA), patch matrix, 32-channel direct-to-external drive recording DAW interface with MacOS and Windows computers make it equally competent as both a professional live sound or recording tool.

Features include:

  • Large (10-inch) multi-touch touchscreen offers a wealth of on-screen information while also providing confident hands-on control.
  • Anti-Feedback and Room Turning Wizards simplify complex equalizational tasks
  • Two real-time analyzers (RTA) provide instantaneous display of channel tonal balance and room response
  • Touch-and-route patch matrix provide easy “muting” and rearrangement of inputs
  • 14 Aux mixes provide ample monitor configuration options
  • Eight sub-groups with 6-band full parametric EQ, variable high- and low-pass filters and limiter may be linked for stereo
  • A gain sharing Automatic Microphone Mixer is available for all 24 mic/line input channels
  • 32-channel direct-to-hard drive record/playback – capture and recall performances without the need for an external computer
  • 32-channel DAW interface with MacOS and Windows computers allows for bidirectional I/O with popular workstation software
  • MP3 playback direct from USB
  • Download future upgrades directly from the internet

ClearOne Debuted Ceiling Microphone Array Dante

ClearOne, the leading global provider of audio and visual communications solutions, has debuted a new edition to its ceiling microphone array product line – the ClearOne Ceiling Microphone Array Dante. It is the newest additions to to their ceiling mic lineup.

Easily installed and affordably priced, the new ClearOne Ceiling Microphone Array Dante features easily-identified numbered mic elements, an LED indicator for On/Off/Mute, the ability to daisy-chain up to four ceiling microphone arrays to make twelve channel microphone systems, built-in Dante digital audio network interface and PoE for power.

It also offers primary and secondary Dante network interfaces for network-redundancy. What’s more, the solution is 100% shielded from any interfaces, features very high signal-to-noise ratio, the ability to be installed anywhere from 0-feet to 7-feet from the ceiling, and optimized for speech intelligibility.

The ClearOne Ceiling Microphone Array, Ceiling Microphone Array Analog-X, and new Ceiling Microphone Array Dante all include three wide-range microphones that are mounted together into a single unit array to provide the rich sound of three individual unidirectional microphones while maintaining full 360-degree coverage.

Features include:

  • Tri-element ceiling microphone array
  • Full 360-degree coverage
  • Superior audio quality with wide bandwidth and high SNR
  • Optimized for speech-intelligibility
  • LED indicators for On/Mute
  • Up to 4 Mic arrays (12 channels) in one combined system
  • Numbered microphone elements for easy identification
  • 100% shielding for RF and other interferences
  • Sleek, unobtrusive design
  • Easily adjustable for desired height (0 feet to 7 feet)
  • White or Black color options
  • Built-in Dante audio networking interface for up to 12 channels
  • Works with ClearOne and other 3rd Party Dante DSP mixers

The ClearOne Ceiling Microphone Array Dante will be available in black and in white, and will ship in Q3 of 2018.

Open Labs Unveiled StorePass

Open Labs has unveiled StorePass. It will provide a VIP unlock on all $350 worth of content (Loops, Presets, Drums) right in the Stagelight in-app store. It is coming in July of 2018.

Open Labs is ready to unveil StorePass. This new feature unlock will give you an all access VIP pass to all of Stagelight’s in-app content for one simple price. That’s over $350 worth of content and more than 7.5K sounds, loops, and presets ready for you to remix. Want more? StorePass has you covered as it also includes access to new packs released each month with Stagelight 4.

In addition to the unveiling of StorePass, Open Labs has made a second announcement. In Stagelight 4, creators will be able to produce music on a whole new level. This is in response to feedback that was given to Open Labs by creators over the past year.

StorePass will be released in July and anyone who purchases it will get a version 4 upgrade for free. You can download Stagelight on the Open Labs website.

Stagelight is the easiest way to create music on Windows, Android, ChromeOS and MacOS. With Stagelight, you can make beats, mix loops or even create full multi-track songs with drum, instrument, audio and vocal tracks.