Logitek has a Beta for JetLink

Logitek manufactures audio over IP routers, audio consoles and other professional audio equipment. The company was founded in 1979, and have been in continuous innovation ever since. Right now, Logitek has a public beta program for JetLink.

Logitek has a list of frequently asked questions about the JetLink beta. One question is: “Logitek is an audio console company. Why develop an audio codec product?” Their answer is:

Between the coming ISDN shutdown around the world and recent regulatory changes in the US, radio is anything but business as usual right now. Logitek and Logitek Australia set out to create an alternative to clunky hardware codec boxes to slim down your remote kit. Plus, as everything in radio becomes virtualized, we know that everyone is going to need better ways of transporting audio.

The JetLink beta is just the beginning of a series of useful tools from Logitek to create great radio today…and tomorrow.

JetLink is a new software solution to send broadcast quality audio from point to point.
You can sign up for the Free Public Beta of JetLink now. JetLink can be used to send and receive audio in real time between two Windows computers over a LAN, WAN, or the public internet. The public beta is free.

Logitek has not yet released a price for JetLink. They are still working that out, and will be surveying their beta testers to determine the right feature mix and price point.