HOFA’s SYSTEM Basic is Freeware

HOFA is offering SYSTEM basic as freeware. You can download it for free from the HOFA website.

SYSTEM basic is the freeware version of the popular EQ, dynamic & effect toolbox by HOFA. 21 modules are available which you can use separately or combined. All routing happens automatically, whereby multiband, mid/side and dual mono routings are always on-hand.

150+ HOFA presets are loadable, but can only be edited to a limited extent. There are two different kids of presets. Presets for modules can be loaded in HOFA SYSTEM basic as long as the restricted parameters aren’t changed. For example, an AlgoVerb preset can be loaded as long as it uses the Plate algorithm.

Besides module presets a major feature of HOFA SYSTEM is to save whole processing chains. These chains can be loaded and changed in HOFA SYSTEM basic as long as all used modules parameters are available in the freeware. If a chain preset contains modules that would need a license it can only be loaded if it is a factory (HOFA) preset. In this case, it isn’t possible to change any routing or parameters.

There is a very detailed chart on the HOFA website that lists individual modules, points out its limitations (if any), and shows if it is always included of what full version it is available in.