JamStack is World’s First Attachable Guitar Amplifier

JamStack is the world’s first guitar amplifier to attach to the base of any standard electric guitar. This means that you’re up and running in seconds and aren’t bound by cables or power outlets. JamStack has been fully funded on Indiegogo. You can preorder JamStack via Indiegogo for $199.

The JamStack is made up of three pieces of equipment: Speaker system, smartphone mount, and patch cables. All of which are built to last. Weighing under 2lbs., the JamStack can fit easily into most guitar or travel cases and lasts for over 8 hours. The JamStack also acts as a fully functional portable Bluetooth speaker.

You need a JamStack if…

  • You want to be able to play the electric guitar anywhere, anytime
  • You find set-up time limits how often you can play, and stunts your inspiration
  • You hate the sound of turning down traditional amplifiers
  • You enjoy playing along to backing tracks
  • You want any effect pedal, loop station, and recording studio all at your fingertips
  • You’re already in the market for an ultra-premium Bluetooth speaker

The rechargeable battery in JamStack will get you 8 hours of solid play time. JamStack mounts on practically every standard guitar electric guitar body. What about acoustic guitars? JamStack can be plugged into anything outputting a 1/4” patch cable, but will not mount on an acoustic guitar due to its width.